In Memory of Chris Mortensen: A Journalism Icon

In Memory of Chris Mortensen: A Journalism Icon

The journalism world lost a true icon on Sunday morning with the passing of Chris Mortensen. Mortensen, who worked for ESPN for over three decades, was a staple in the world of NFL reporting. His contributions to the network’s NFL shows and “SportsCenter” were unparalleled, with Mortensen being known for breaking major news stories like Peyton Manning’s retirement in 2016.

Chris Mortensen was not just a reporter, he was a pioneer in the industry. His colleagues and fans remember him as a hard-working, skilled journalist who was universally beloved. His dedication to his craft and his passion for the NFL were evident in all of his work. Mortensen set the journalism standard at ESPN in its early days and his reporting skills elevated the network’s news and information to a new level.

The news of Mortensen’s death was met with shock and sadness across the sports world. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, expressed his admiration for Mortensen’s work ethic and kindness in a statement. Mortensen’s colleagues at ESPN, including Adam Schefter, also reflected on his impact on sports reporting. His friend and frequent interviewee, Peyton Manning, expressed his deep sorrow over the loss of the journalist.

Mortensen’s influence extended far beyond journalism. His work at ESPN, as well as his contributions to other publications like The Sporting News, left a lasting impact on the sports community. His ability to tackle life’s challenges with grit and determination was inspiring to many, including Falcons owner Arthur Blank. Mortensen’s legacy will continue to live on through his work and the friendships he forged along the way.

Before joining ESPN, Mortensen had an impressive career in journalism. His work at The National and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he covered the Falcons, the Braves, and the NFL, earned him accolades such as the George Polk Award. Mortensen’s investigative reporting and attention to detail earned him numerous awards over the years, including the National Headliner Award. He was a respected voice in sports journalism and his contributions will not be forgotten.

Chris Mortensen’s impact on sports journalism and the NFL community cannot be overstated. His dedication to his craft, his kindness towards others, and his relentless pursuit of the truth set him apart as a true legend in the field. His work will continue to inspire future generations of journalists and his memory will be cherished by all who knew him. Rest in peace, Chris Mortensen.


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