Heathrow Airport Faces Significant Disruption Due to Technical Fault

Heathrow Airport Faces Significant Disruption Due to Technical Fault

Heathrow Airport has announced that its services will experience significant disruption following a technical fault experienced by air traffic controllers across the UK. The airport, which is the busiest in Britain, has advised passengers to contact their airlines before traveling to the airport on Tuesday. Although the technical issues have been resolved, schedules are expected to remain significantly disrupted.

Disruption Spreads to Other Airports

The disruption caused by the technical fault is not limited to Heathrow Airport. London Gatwick has stated that it plans to operate a normal schedule on Tuesday; however, passengers are strongly advised to check the status of their flights with their respective airlines before heading to the airport. Similarly, London Stansted has announced that it will also run a normal flight schedule on Tuesday, but warns that the terminal may be busier than anticipated.

Major UK airlines, including Tui and British Airways, have issued warnings about significant delays for passengers due to the changes in flight schedules. The technical fault affected several flights, with 232 departing flights and 271 arriving flights being canceled by Monday afternoon, according to aviation analytics firm Cirium. These cancellations account for approximately 8% of all expected departures and 9% of expected arrivals. The fault required controllers to manually input flight plans, leading to traffic flow restrictions.

Although NATS, the National Air Traffic Services, has identified and remedied the technical issue affecting its flight planning system, travelers continue to face disruptions. NATS is working closely with airlines and airports to manage the affected flights as efficiently as possible. The system’s performance is being closely monitored by engineers as operations return to normal. However, due to the requirement for manual processing of flight plans at a lower volume, disruptions are expected to continue.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper has advised passengers to familiarize themselves with the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s guidance and be aware of their rights in the event of flight delays or cancellations. Despite resolving the technical issue behind the air traffic control problems, flights are still unfortunately affected. Passengers should contact their respective airlines for information on how the disruptions may affect their flights.

Heathrow Airport and other UK airports have been significantly disrupted due to a technical fault experienced by air traffic controllers. Passengers have been advised to check with their airlines for the latest updates on their flights. The issue has been resolved, but the disruption is expected to continue. Travelers should stay informed and be aware of their rights in case of delays or cancellations. The authorities are working diligently to manage the situation and ensure the safety of all flights.


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