Google’s Removal of Apps in India Faces Criticism

Google’s Removal of Apps in India Faces Criticism

In response to Google’s decision to remove several Indian apps from its app store, Information Technology Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw expressed strong disapproval. He stated that such actions by Google cannot be allowed to happen, particularly when it comes to the delisting of popular apps like Bharat Matrimony and Naukri. Vaishnaw has engaged in discussions with Google and plans to meet with the affected startups to provide support and protection.

The removal of the apps by Google was due to the companies not complying with its in-app payment guidelines. This move has ignited criticism from various startups in India who have been at odds with Google over its fee structure for in-app purchases. Despite the antitrust authorities in India ordering Google not to enforce a mandatory fee of 15 percent-30 percent, the tech giant has continued to push for fees ranging from 11 percent-26 percent. The dispute reached a turning point when court decisions allowed Google to either charge the fee or remove the apps.

The removal of apps from the Play Store has had a drastic impact on companies like and Info Edge. More than 150 apps from were taken down, leading to concerns about a significant drop in revenue. Similarly, Info Edge saw its popular job search app Naukri removed, causing disruptions to its services. The uncertainty created by Google’s actions has left these companies in a precarious position.

This is not the first time Google has faced backlash for its app store policies in India. In 2020, the popular payments app Paytm was briefly removed from the Play Store for policy violations. This incident prompted a united front from the startup industry, with companies challenging Google by exploring alternative app store options and initiating legal battles.

Google’s decision to remove apps from its Play Store in India has raised concerns about the tech giant’s dominance and control over the app ecosystem. The ongoing dispute over in-app payment guidelines highlights the larger issue of fairness and competition in the digital marketplace. As the situation continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how Google, the affected companies, and the Indian government will navigate this challenging landscape.


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