Google Pixel 8 Pro: A Durable Flagship Smartphone That Defies Expectations

Google Pixel 8 Pro: A Durable Flagship Smartphone That Defies Expectations

The Google Pixel 8 Pro, the latest flagship smartphone from the search giant, has been making waves in the tech world. Days before its official release, YouTube users have put this device to the test through various durability experiments, such as “drop” and “scratch” tests. While these tests do not necessarily reflect real-world scenarios, they provide valuable insights into the phone’s resilience. Surprisingly, the Pixel 8 Pro outperforms its competitors, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, in terms of durability.

In a recent YouTube video posted by PBKReviews, the Pixel 8 Pro underwent a series of drop tests. The first drop involved the phone being held by a person at waist level with the screen facing the ground. Remarkably, the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 protected display remained undamaged, except for some minor scuff marks on the edges of the phone. When dropped from the same height with the screen facing up, the device acquired a few scratches on the corners of its metallic frame. However, the glass on both the front and rear panels remained intact.

Continuing the test, the Pixel 8 Pro was dropped on its side from waist height. Although the impact caused some damage to the display in the top left corner, the smartphone continued to function normally. Moreover, a scratch test was performed by placing the phone inside a Ziploc bag with sand and sliding the display across the surface. The result? Some minor scratches on the display but overall durability remained unaffected.

Interestingly, the Pixel 8 Pro outperformed the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the drop test, as the latter cracked upon impact. Additionally, this Google flagship model fared better in these tests compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. While the Pixel 8 Pro has yet to undergo Zack Nelson’s (JerryRigEverything) bend test on YouTube, these initial durability tests provide optimism for potential buyers.

Not only does the Pixel 8 Pro offer impressive durability, but it also comes with a hefty price tag, retailing for more than Rs. 1 lakh in India. However, this high price is justified by Google’s commitment to providing 7 years of OS, feature, and security updates for both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. With such a promise, the robust build quality of these smartphones becomes crucial in ensuring their longevity.

When investing in a flagship smartphone, durability is undoubtedly a major concern. The Google Pixel 8 Pro has managed to exceed expectations in this aspect. Its sturdy metal frame, coupled with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2, offers users peace of mind. Drops and scratches that would typically leave other devices damaged are mere inconveniences for the Pixel 8 Pro.

As consumers increasingly rely on their smartphones for daily tasks and entertainment, having a device that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life is crucial. The Pixel 8 Pro is a testament to the advancements in smartphone engineering and Google’s commitment to providing a top-tier user experience. Its remarkable durability sets a new standard in the industry, ensuring that users can make the most of their investment for years to come.

The Google Pixel 8 Pro’s durability is nothing short of impressive. Through a series of rigorous tests, this flagship smartphone has proven its ability to withstand drops and scratches, surpassing the durability of notable competitors. With its robust build quality and the assurance of long-term software updates, the Pixel 8 Pro solidifies its position as an outstanding choice for tech enthusiasts seeking a durable and reliable smartphone.


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