Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Criticizes Elon Musk’s Leadership of the Company

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Criticizes Elon Musk’s Leadership of the Company

Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey has taken to social media to openly criticize Elon Musk’s leadership of the company. Dorsey stated that “it all went south” and that Musk “should have walked away” from the acquisition. Dorsey made these comments in response to users of Bluesky, a new social media platform that is being touted as a potential alternative to Twitter, who prompted the discussion by asking if Dorsey believed Musk was the right leader for Twitter. Dorsey replied with a simple “No,” and went on to elaborate on his opinion.

Dorsey had previously called Musk the “singular solution” to take over Twitter, but it appears that his opinion has changed over the past year. Musk, who is also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has faced criticism for his tumultuous takeover of Twitter, which he acquired for $44 billion late last year. Musk’s steep job cuts, sweeping policy and feature changes have shaken the confidence of advertisers, politicians and celebrities, among others. This has led many to publicly announce their decision to leave or reduce their use of the platform, including Elton John, Jim Carrey, and MTA, New York City’s public transit agency.

Dorsey, who is still a Twitter shareholder, championed the deal at the time. However, on Friday, he wrote that things should have gone differently. He believes that Musk should have walked away and paid the $1 billion penalty, also known as a “breakup fee,” to do so and prove to a Delaware court that he had a good reason for walking away. It is not clear whether Musk or Twitter even had that option.

Despite his criticisms of Musk’s leadership, Dorsey is glad to see new social media platforms like Bluesky being built. He has backed Bluesky since 2019, when he was still serving as Twitter’s CEO. Bluesky is being touted as a potential alternative to Twitter, and Dorsey’s support of the platform suggests that he believes it could be a viable solution for those seeking an alternative to Twitter.

In conclusion, Dorsey’s criticisms of Musk’s leadership and acquisition of Twitter suggest that he believes things should have gone differently. However, his support of Bluesky suggests that he believes there is potential for new social media platforms to emerge and compete with Twitter. Only time will tell whether Bluesky or any other platform will be able to challenge Twitter’s dominance in the social media space.


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