Flash Floods Close Airport, Disrupting Travel

Flash Floods Close Airport, Disrupting Travel

An airport in the UK was forced to close due to flash floods caused by heavy rain and thunderstorms. Exeter Airport had to cancel all its remaining flights on Sunday as a result of the torrential downpours. Despite the disruption, the airport is expected to reopen as the band of rain moves away from the region.

The airport’s spokesperson stated that teams have been working diligently to clean up the aftermath of the flash flooding. Their goal is to have all operations running smoothly by Monday morning. Passengers are advised to contact their respective airlines for the most up-to-date information regarding their flights.

A significant weather warning, amber for thunderstorms, was in effect for parts of Devon and Somerset. Yellow warnings for thunderstorms were also issued for other areas in southwest England and South Wales. The heavy rain led to localized flooding in Devon and caused widespread road closures, cancellation of bus and train services, as well as the temporary closure of Paignton Zoo.

Sunday’s rainfall at the Birds Hill rain gauge on the edge of Exmoor was equivalent to almost a month’s worth of rain. In other areas, up to 60mm of rain fell, which is more than half of the region’s average for the entire month of September. This excessive rainfall led to the flash floods that caused the airport closure.

The Met Office predicts that conditions will remain blustery early in the week, but will become fresher. However, there is also the possibility of more storms as the remnants of Hurricane Lee, which hit New England in the US and eastern Canada, move across the UK between Tuesday and Thursday. While it will no longer be a hurricane, there is still a risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms during this time.

The flash floods in the UK have caused significant disruptions to travel, particularly at Exeter Airport. However, efforts are underway to reopen the airport as quickly as possible. The heavy rainfall, exceeding monthly averages in some areas, highlights the severity of the weather conditions. As the remnants of Hurricane Lee approach, there is a possibility of more storms and potential heavy showers throughout the week. Travelers are advised to stay informed about their flights and the weather forecast during this time.


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