Exploring Dashing Through The Snow

Exploring Dashing Through The Snow

Dashing Through The Snow brings an intriguing blend of action and comedy to the Christmas genre. Set in a cozy cabin on Christmas Eve, the movie follows US Marshall Jo as she protects a pregnant fugitive from a relentless bounty hunter and a hitman Santa, along with his team of mischievous elves. This unique storyline promises unexpected twists that will immerse the audience in a snow-laden holiday adventure.

The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Scottie Thompson taking on the role of US Marshall Jo. Known for her work in Hellfire and SyFy’s 12 Monkeys, Thompson’s portrayal of a strong and determined law enforcement officer is sure to captivate audiences. David Koechner, famous for his role as Champ Kind in the Anchorman films, brings his comedic prowess to the character of the hitman Santa, adding a humorous touch to the narrative.

The project is helmed by writer-director Prince Bagdasarian, who aims to craft a perfect balance of dark comedy and thrilling action sequences. The producers, James Di Giacomo and Sasha Yelaun, express their excitement about bringing this unique holiday story to life on the screen. With a talented cast and a compelling script, Dashing Through The Snow promises to be a delightful escape into a world where the holiday spirit takes unexpected turns.

Filming for Dashing Through The Snow is currently underway in Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead, California. The picturesque winter setting adds an authentic touch to the story, enhancing the overall Christmas atmosphere of the film. Director Prince Bagdasarian’s vision for a chaotic yet heartwarming holiday tale is coming to fruition on the screen, promising a memorable viewing experience for audiences.

Overall, Dashing Through The Snow emerges as a promising addition to the Christmas movie genre. With a talented cast, an engaging storyline, and a creative team behind the scenes, this action-comedy is set to offer viewers a festive escape into a world of laughter, suspense, and holiday cheer. Get ready to embark on a snow-filled adventure like no other this holiday season.


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