Expanding the Presence of College Football in Movie Theaters

Expanding the Presence of College Football in Movie Theaters

ESPN has announced a groundbreaking distribution agreement with Theater Sports Network to bring college football games to movie theaters across the country. This collaboration builds upon ESPN’s previous venture with Cinemark for the College Football Playoff and extends to approximately 75 games in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). The ACC, known for its powerhouse teams like Clemson and Florida State, is one of college football’s Power Five conferences. This new partnership creates an exciting opportunity for fans to experience the thrill of college football on the big screen.

Under this agreement, ACC games airing on ESPN platforms, including the ACC Network, will be eligible for theatrical play in the away teams’ markets or both home and away markets for neutral-site games. Local theaters will have the freedom to set ticket prices, allowing them to cater to their specific audiences. This move by ESPN reflects a growing trend in the entertainment industry, where theaters are exploring non-film programming to appeal to a wider range of audiences. College football, with its dedicated fanbase and live tune-in, proves to be a suitable candidate for this theatrical experience.

Potential Expansion and Implications

The ACC’s collaboration with Theater Sports Network is merely the beginning. There are reports suggesting that the conference might consider adding Stanford, Cal, and Southern Methodist University to its roster of teams. This potential expansion would elevate the ACC’s influence and further solidify its position as a Power Five conference. Moreover, the agreement with Theater Sports Network opens the door for future collaborations with other college football conferences, creating additional opportunities for fans to enjoy live sporting events on the big screen.

The development and adoption of new technologies have made it easier for theaters to diversify their programming. Industry leaders are exploring alternative options such as academic classes, conferences, concerts, and fine-arts events to attract audiences. Theater owners are adapting to the challenging marketplace, which has been further complicated by ongoing strikes by Hollywood writers and actors. Live TV viewership may be declining in general, but college football and the NFL have managed to retain and even increase their dedicated fanbase. The theatrical experience aligns perfectly with the viewing parties and group gatherings at bars and restaurants, offering fans an immersive experience akin to being inside a football stadium.

The President and COO of Theater Sports Network, Scott Daw, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking agreement. He believes that movie theaters represent the next frontier for live sporting events, and the partnership with ESPN will bring the excitement of ACC football games to fans across the nation. Theater Sports Network aims to replicate the atmosphere of a football stadium as fans gather in theaters to watch the games on the big screen. As the collaboration progresses, there are opportunities to include games from other college football conferences and expand the repertoire of live sporting events available in theaters.

The Role of MetaMedia in Live Streaming

To facilitate the live streams of ACC games in movie theaters, Theater Sports Network is teaming up with MetaMedia, a cloud-based delivery platform for cinemas and other out-of-home venues. MetaMedia has an extensive network of over 5,000 screens in the United States and Canada, including those in the top 50 markets. This partnership ensures a seamless and high-quality streaming experience for fans watching college football games on the big screen.

The collaboration between ESPN and Theater Sports Network marks an exciting development in the world of college football. Bringing ACC games to movie theaters allows fans to gather in a shared space and experience the adrenaline of live sporting events on the big screen. This innovative approach not only enhances the theatrical experience but also opens doors for future collaborations between other college football conferences and theaters across the country. With ongoing technological advancements and the increasing popularity of live sports, the partnership between ESPN and Theater Sports Network signifies a new era in entertainment and spectatorship.


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