Escaped Terror Suspect Urged to Surrender by Family Member

Escaped Terror Suspect Urged to Surrender by Family Member

A close relative of escaped terror suspect Daniel Khalife has made a heartfelt plea for him to turn himself in. In an interview with The Times, the unnamed family member described Khalife as a “very, very intelligent, easygoing, and kind boy” who went through a significant change in the past year. While understanding that he may be afraid, the relative emphasized the importance of ending the situation and surrendering to authorities.

Having escaped from Wandsworth Prison on Wednesday morning, Khalife, a former soldier, managed to flee while disguised as a chef, holding onto straps beneath a food lorry. The manhunt has entered its fourth day and Scotland Yard recently confirmed a sighting of Khalife approximately a mile away from the prison. Detectives have been thoroughly searching Richmond Park, as it is believed that Khalife, who grew up nearby, may be familiar with the area.

The relative who spoke to The Times also mentioned that Khalife is unlikely to turn to his family for help while on the run, as he would not want to cause them any trouble. Khalife supposedly holds a great deal of love for his family, making his decision to evade them a difficult but calculated one.

Commander Dominic Murphy, leading the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command, has emphasized the significance of the confirmed sighting of Khalife in Wandsworth. Over 100 calls were made to the police hotline, prompting the offering of a £20,000 reward for information leading to his capture. While authorities do not believe Khalife poses a threat to the general public, they urge anyone who spots him to avoid approaching and instead call the emergency line immediately.

Questions surrounding Khalife’s escape have led to speculation regarding potential state involvement, possibly from Iran. Rishi Sunak, currently attending the G20 summit in India, was asked about this matter, but he declined to comment on an ongoing police investigation. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley expressed his suspicion that the escape was clearly pre-planned and deemed it unusual for a terror suspect not to be held in a high-security prison. Investigations are underway to determine whether Khalife received assistance from prison staff or other inmates.

Khalife’s background as a trained soldier has raised concerns about his ability to evade capture. Described by Mr. Murphy as a “very resourceful individual,” Khalife’s military training may give him skills that the average person lacks. His alleged involvement in planting a fake bomb at an RAF base and gathering potentially useful information for terrorists or enemies of the UK has further heightened concerns regarding his motivation and intentions.

As the manhunt for Daniel Khalife continues, his family implores him to consider the impact of his actions and surrender himself to the authorities. The reward offered for information leading to his arrest emphasizes the urgency in locating him. The escape raises questions about prison security and prompts investigations into potential assistance received. As the search for Khalife unfolds, the public is urged to remain vigilant and contact the appropriate authorities if they have any information regarding his whereabouts.


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