Earning Stable Income in Retirement: A Shift in Investor Strategy

Earning Stable Income in Retirement: A Shift in Investor Strategy

Investors nearing retirement are witnessing a significant shift in their investment strategies. The word of the year for 2023 might just be ‘income,’ as stated by Todd Sohn, a managing director at Strategas. Sohn explains that a large cohort of soon-to-be retirees is focused on earning a stable income, while still aiming to grow their assets long-term. This growing demand for income products can be attributed to this year’s narrow market leadership.

Investor Concerns and the Rise of Actively Managed Strategies

With five stocks comprising 25% of the S&P 500, passive investing seems attractive. However, concerns around the sustainability of these stocks have led investors to seek actively managed strategies. Actively managed strategies, representing 23.3% of all flows into equity and income products this year, provide a sense of control amid uncertainty.

Brendan McCarthy, the managing director of exchange-traded funds at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, believes that active ETFs with an options overlay strategy can help investors achieve their desired stable returns. McCarthy manages two new active funds at Goldman Sachs: the Goldman Sachs S&P 500 Core Premium Income ETF (GPIX) and the Goldman Sachs Nasdaq-100 Core Premium Income ETF (GPIQ). These ETFs utilize an options overwrite strategy to generate additional income beyond the broader index’s returns.

McCarthy explains that the strategy involves buying S&P and Nasdaq calls for each respective fund. Writing calls on index ETFs allows these funds to generate income. Since their launch on October 26, GPIX has gained 9.46%, and GPIQ is up 10.74%. Comparatively, the broader S&P 500 index has seen a 9.97% increase, while the Nasdaq 100 index has experienced an 11.84% rise during the same period.

A New Approach for Retirement Income

The emergence of actively managed strategies with options overlay offers retirees and soon-to-be retirees a novel approach for generating stable income. By diversifying their investment portfolios and incorporating active management, investors can potentially achieve their financial goals while mitigating risks associated with narrow market leadership. As retirement approaches, it becomes increasingly important for investors to secure their financial well-being by exploring innovative strategies that combine income generation with long-term growth.

The significant focus on income products and the rising popularity of actively managed strategies reflect a broader shift in investor sentiment. It is critical for investors to adapt and consider their unique financial needs, particularly as retirement approaches. By staying informed about new investment opportunities and understanding the changing market dynamics, investors can navigate the evolving landscape and make sound financial decisions.

The Importance of Customized Investment Solutions

Investors nearing retirement should prioritize finding investment solutions that align with their individual goals and risk tolerance. As the demand for income products continues to grow, the market offers a range of options, including actively managed strategies with options overlay, to meet retirees’ needs. Consulting with financial professionals who specialize in retirement planning can provide valuable insights and help investors make informed decisions based on their specific circumstances.

The pursuit of stable income in retirement has prompted a significant shift in investor strategy. The demand for income products, coupled with concerns around market leadership and the rise of actively managed strategies, has created new opportunities for retirees and soon-to-be retirees. By considering innovative approaches, such as actively managed ETFs with options overlay, investors can aim to generate stable income while still pursuing long-term growth. It is crucial for investors to adapt to changing market dynamics and seek customized investment solutions that align with their financial goals.


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