Draymond Green Reinstated by NBA After Suspension

Draymond Green Reinstated by NBA After Suspension

The NBA has officially reinstated Draymond Green after a 12-game suspension, revealing that the Golden State Warriors forward will require about a week of ramp-up before returning to game action. This news comes after Green struck center Jusuf Nurkic during a game against the Phoenix Suns, prompting the league to impose the suspension. However, Green has since completed certain requirements set by the NBA, demonstrating his commitment to conforming to the conduct expected of NBA players. This article delves into the details of his reinstatement and the impact of his absence on the Warriors’ performance.

To pave the way for Draymond Green’s reinstatement, the NBA put forth specific conditions that he needed to fulfill. As part of this process, Green engaged in meetings with a counselor and participated in joint discussions with representatives of the NBA, the Warriors, and the National Basketball Players Association. These group meetings, which also included Green’s agent, Klutch CEO Rich Paul, Warriors GM Mike Dunleavy Jr., and team trainer Rick Celebrini, aimed to address concerns regarding his on-court conduct and ensure he received appropriate guidance and support.

The NBA’s proposal for Green’s reinstatement revolved around counseling, given his history of on-court incidents. In the past, Green had choked Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert and punched Jordan Poole during a game. By focusing on counseling, the league sought to address not just Green’s behavior on the court but also the underlying issues that contributed to his actions. The Warriors fully supported the NBA’s approach, acknowledging the need for personal growth and change.

For the duration of Green’s suspension, his contact with Warriors coach Steve Kerr and his teammates was minimal. Both parties recognized the importance of space during this period, allowing Green to reflect and work on himself while the team continued to compete. Kerr stated that the goal was to win games, while Green focused on improving his personal circumstances.

The absence of Draymond Green undoubtedly affected the Warriors’ performance. During his 12 games away from the team, Golden State posted a record of 7-5. Overall, the team has struggled with a 10-10 record this season in games where Green was either unavailable due to injury or serving a suspension. As a key player for the Warriors, Green’s return will be eagerly anticipated, and his presence on the court is expected to bolster the team’s performance.

Green’s suspension resulted in a loss of around $2 million for him personally. However, the Warriors benefited from the situation, saving nearly $9 million on their projected luxury tax bill. This financial relief can have significant implications for the team’s future decisions and roster management. As the Warriors strive to remain competitive and manage their resources effectively, the impact of Green’s absence extends beyond the court.

Following his reinstatement, Draymond Green will now return to the Warriors’ practice facility for a ramp-up period. Over the next week, the team has several games scheduled, including matchups against the Toronto Raptors, New Orleans Pelicans, Chicago Bulls, and Milwaukee Bucks. Green’s return will undoubtedly bring a boost of energy and leadership to the team as they face these upcoming challenges.

The reinstatement of Draymond Green by the NBA marks a crucial moment in his journey to self-improvement and growth. By fulfilling the league’s requirements and engaging in counseling, Green has demonstrated his commitment to conforming to the standards expected of NBA players. The Warriors, while impacted by his absence, have supported his personal development. As Green returns to game action, both the team and fans eagerly anticipate his contributions, knowing that his presence on the court provides a significant advantage.


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