Dollar General Outlines Plans to Combat PR Problems and Improve Performance

Dollar General Outlines Plans to Combat PR Problems and Improve Performance

Dollar General, the discount retailer, has been facing a series of challenges in recent times. It has been hit with steep fines for safety violations, criticized on late-night TV shows, and even faced opposition from its own shareholders. In an effort to address these issues, CEO Todd Vasos recently presented the company’s plans during an earnings call with investors. The strategy aims to improve both Dollar General’s performance and its tarnished public image. Through a combination of changes in store operations and strategic decision-making, the company hopes to restore stability and regain the confidence of its customers.

Despite exceeding Wall Street expectations in the fiscal third quarter, Dollar General has experienced a challenging year overall. The company, known for its rapid expansion, has seen a decline in sales, a slump in its stock price, and damage to its reputation due to scrutiny from federal regulators regarding work conditions. Dollar General’s shares have fallen by approximately 46% in 2021, significantly underperforming the S&P 500 index.

Vasos emphasized the importance of addressing Dollar General’s company-specific challenges and returning to the basics of successful retail operations. One of the major changes customers will notice is the increased presence of employees in the front of the stores. Dollar General plans to invest an additional $150 million in store labor hours this year, acknowledging that the company has relied too heavily on self-checkout systems. Vasos believes that self-checkout should serve as a secondary option rather than the primary method for customers.

The company also plans to tackle high turnover rates among store managers and improve inventory management. Dollar General’s stores have experienced significant out-of-stock issues, which Vasos acknowledged as some of the largest he has witnessed during his tenure. The company has already begun devoting more time to inventory management, resulting in early improvements. Additionally, Dollar General intends to reduce the number of items it sells to enhance inventory management and shrink levels. This reduction may include eliminating certain variants of products such as mayonnaise.

In the next fiscal year, Dollar General intends to open 800 new stores, remodel 1,500 existing stores, and relocate 85 stores. Although this represents a smaller number of new store openings compared to previous years, the company aims to focus on its current store portfolio to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. The decision to scale back real estate plans reflects Dollar General’s strategic focus on making the most of its existing locations rather than engaging in excessive expansion.

Dollar General’s recent struggles, including safety violations, negative publicity, and declining sales, have necessitated a comprehensive strategy to address its challenges. Through a combination of operational adjustments, employee presence in stores, enhanced inventory management, and a more focused approach to expansion, Dollar General aims to restore stability, boost customer satisfaction, and improve its financial performance. The company acknowledges the hard work ahead but remains determined to implement the necessary changes as quickly as possible. By returning to the basics and prioritizing consumer needs, Dollar General hopes to regain the trust of its customers and rebuild its reputation in the retail industry.


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