Diane Keaton Starring in Comedy Film “Arthur’s Whisky”

Diane Keaton Starring in Comedy Film “Arthur’s Whisky”

British filmmaker Stephen Cookson is directing a new comedy film titled “Arthur’s Whisky” from a screenplay by Alexis Zegerman. Arclight Films has taken on the world rights and will launch sales at the Cannes market. The film features a star-studded cast, including Academy Award-winning actress Diane Keaton, Olivier Award-winning actress Patricia Hodge, Scottish singer and actress Lulu, David Harewood from “Homeland,” and musician Boy George.

The film’s synopsis centers around a woman named Joan, played by Keaton, who is shocked to learn that her late husband invented an elixir that makes the drinker appear young again. Joan shares the elixir with her two friends, played by Hodge and Lulu, and they soon discover that they are not equipped to be young in the modern world. The film also stars Hayley Mills, Bill Paterson, Adil Ray, and Lawrence Chaney.

“Arthur’s Whisky” is produced by Cookson and Peter Keegan of CK Films and Pippa Cross of CrossDay Productions. The film is executive produced by Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films, Andrew Kotliar, and Matt Cohen from MEP Capital, George Bennett of Worldmakr, Alastair Burlingham of Sherborne Media, Jack Christian from Filmology, Julia Stuart, and Laura Grange at Sky, and Leighton Lloyd.

The film will be released as a Sky Original in the UK on Sky Cinema. Cookson expressed excitement about working with such a talented cast, including Keaton and other well-known actors. Gary Hamilton, chairman of Arclight Films, added that “Arthur’s Whisky” is a hilarious and universal story about second chances, and the company is thrilled to introduce the film to distributors from around the world.


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