Denzel Washington Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at CinemaCon

Denzel Washington Receives Lifetime Achievement Award at CinemaCon

At CinemaCon, Denzel Washington expressed his gratitude to exhibition executives for their contribution to the film industry. During Sony’s presentation, Washington received a Lifetime Achievement Award presented by director Antoine Fuqua. He thanked the audience from the bottom of his heart, stating that they are the reason for the success of the film industry.

Washington, who stars in The Equalizer 3, had the first trailer of the film shown during the presentation. The trailer previewed with the song “Volare” and showed Robert McCall (Washington) living in Italy. When the mafia threatens his friends, Robert must protect them.

Originality is Key for Sony

Sony studio chief Tom Rothman emphasized the importance of originality and true movie stars. He noted that streaming doesn’t create movie stars, but rather true global hit movies do. He stressed that Sony is the only major motion picture studio that is dedicated entirely to theatrical releases.

Rothman also expressed his love for genres that are considered dead, stating that originality is always a risk, but the bigger risk is boring the audience with sameness. He informed the audience that Sony has a variety of films, ranging from superheroes to Where the Crawdads Sing to A Man Called Otto.

Director Antoine Fuqua also spoke highly of Denzel Washington, stating that audiences have come to expect a sense of honor, dignity, and morals from him. Fuqua revealed that Washington doesn’t like being called a movie star, but rather an actor who is committed to doing what’s right and seeing it through.

In conclusion, the CinemaCon event was a success, with exhibitors and film industry professionals gathering to celebrate and showcase upcoming films. Denzel Washington’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Sony’s commitment to originality were just a few highlights of the event.


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