Delta Air Lines to Make Modifications to Loyalty Program Following Customer Backlash

Delta Air Lines to Make Modifications to Loyalty Program Following Customer Backlash

Delta Air Lines, one of the world’s largest airlines, recently faced significant backlash from customers following an announced overhaul of its loyalty program. The changes, which aimed to make it more expensive for travelers to earn elite status and access airport lounges, received strong criticism. In response, Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian, admitted that the airline may have gone too far and vowed to make modifications to the program in the coming weeks.

Listening to Customer Feedback

Acknowledging the dissatisfaction among its customer base, Ed Bastian made a statement during a Rotary Club event in Atlanta. He expressed Delta’s recognition that the program changes did not resonate well with customers and admitted they may have pushed the boundaries too much. Taking customer feedback seriously, Delta aims to address the concerns raised and find a better balance in the loyalty program’s structure.

Delta’s loyalty program overhaul was primarily driven by the surge in elite travelers and the demand for premium services. As the world recovers from the pandemic, many individuals have increased their travel activity, contributing to overcrowding at airport lounges. The airline, along with its competitors like American and United, has been investing in expanding their lounge facilities to cater to the growing number of high-spending customers.

In response to the customer backlash, Delta Air Lines plans to announce modifications to its loyalty program in the coming weeks. Although specific details regarding the changes have not been disclosed, it is expected that Delta will consider revising the criteria for earning elite status. Additionally, access to the popular Sky Club lounges for American Express cardholders may be reevaluated to address the concerns raised by customers.

Competitor Response

Taking advantage of customers’ frustrations with Delta’s loyalty program changes, JetBlue Airways capitalized on the opportunity by offering frequent-flyer status matching. This move aimed to entice disgruntled Delta customers to consider joining JetBlue’s loyalty program instead. By leveraging Delta’s misstep, JetBlue positioned themselves as an attractive alternative for disillusioned travelers.

Delta Air Lines’ recent announcement of changes to its loyalty program was met with significant backlash from customers. After recognizing that they may have taken the changes too far, the airline’s CEO acknowledged the need for modifications. As Delta works to address the concerns raised by its customer base, it remains committed to finding a balance between rewarding loyalty and managing the increasing demand for its premium services. By listening to customer feedback and making necessary adjustments, Delta hopes to regain the loyalty and trust of its customers while continuing to provide a superior travel experience.


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