Chris Paul’s Future with Phoenix Suns in Question

Chris Paul’s Future with Phoenix Suns in Question

The Phoenix Suns ownership and executives had discussions with Chris Paul and his representatives on Wednesday regarding the future of the All-Star point guard with the franchise. Sources have revealed that the possibility of Paul being waived by the NBA’s June 28 guarantee date on his contract was discussed.

The Suns have stated that they are still exploring the various options available for Paul’s future and reiterated this point to his representatives later on Wednesday afternoon. The team plans to investigate trade opportunities, including Paul and Deandre Ayton, that could change the roster landscape ahead of a final decision on Paul’s partially guaranteed contract.

Paul’s Contract Details

If Paul is waived, only $15.8 million of his $30.8 million for the 2023-24 season is guaranteed, unless the Suns keep him past the June 28 deadline. It is expected that the Suns will stretch and waive the guaranteed portion of Paul’s salary next season, creating more salary cap space and opening up the team’s ability to use the $12.2 million taxpayer midlevel exception. Paul’s $30.8 million for 2024-25 is nonguaranteed.

Paul’s Desire to Stay with Suns

Sources have confirmed that Paul wishes to return to the Suns and team up with his close friend Devin Booker and Kevin Durant. However, he and his representatives want the organization to make a quicker decision on his future so that he can move onto free agency if the Suns ultimately decide to waive him.

Final Decision Pending

The Suns are still weighing their options regarding Paul’s future, but it is clear that they are looking to make significant changes to the roster before making any final decisions. The team is exploring trade opportunities that could alter the franchise’s landscape and create more salary cap space. Paul’s future with the Suns remains uncertain, but it is expected that a decision will be made soon.


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