Celebrity Multi-Tasking: Luis Gerardo Méndez Takes on Lead Role and Co-Directing Duties in Netflix Film

Celebrity Multi-Tasking: Luis Gerardo Méndez Takes on Lead Role and Co-Directing Duties in Netflix Film

Luis Gerardo Méndez is not only a talented actor but also a budding director, as he takes on the challenge of co-directing the upcoming Netflix film, Technoboys. This Spanish-language movie revolves around a boyband’s journey back into the music scene after a long hiatus. Méndez will not only star as the band’s lead singer, Alan, but also co-direct the film alongside Gerardo Gatica. This multi-talented approach to filmmaking showcases Méndez’s desire to explore different aspects of the industry.

The storyline of Technoboys is unique in its portrayal of a boyband attempting to make a comeback in a music industry that has evolved significantly since their heyday. The challenges they face, such as rival groups and changing trends, add depth to the narrative. Méndez’s character, Alan, also has a hidden motivation for returning to the music scene, providing an intriguing layer to the film. The focus on character development and the exploration of personal motives sets Technoboys apart from typical music-centered movies.

Méndez’s journey into directing was not a solitary one; he emphasizes the importance of collaboration in filmmaking. Working closely with his production company, Cine Vaquero, as well as other talented individuals, such as screenwriter Alexandro Aldrete, allowed Méndez to bring his vision for Technoboys to life. The support and guidance he received from experienced directors in the past also played a crucial role in shaping his directorial skills. This collaborative effort showcases the power of teamwork in the creative process.

Exciting Opportunities Ahead

As Méndez delves into the realm of directing, he looks forward to more opportunities to explore this aspect of filmmaking. His involvement in Technoboys marks a significant step in his career, opening doors to future projects where he can showcase his talent both in front of and behind the camera. With a diverse range of film and TV credits under his belt, including popular titles like Narcos: Mexico and Club De Cuervos, Méndez’s versatile skill set continues to impress audiences worldwide.

Gratitude and Growth

Méndez expresses his gratitude towards the team at Netflix for trusting him and his co-director, Gerardo Gatica, with bringing Technoboys to a global audience. The collaborative nature of the film industry has allowed Méndez to grow as a filmmaker and expand his creative horizons. As he embarks on new projects, such as the upcoming film Skincare and the Amazon limited series Stanley, Méndez’s passion for storytelling shines through in his diverse roles both in front of and behind the camera.

Luis Gerardo Méndez’s foray into co-directing Technoboys marks a significant milestone in his career. His dedication to storytelling, collaboration with talented individuals, and commitment to exploring new creative avenues highlight his versatility as an actor and director. As he continues to take on challenging roles and explore different aspects of filmmaking, Méndez’s journey in the industry promises exciting opportunities for growth and artistic development.


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