Bradley Cooper Comes to the Rescue During Brooke Shields’ Seizure

Bradley Cooper Comes to the Rescue During Brooke Shields’ Seizure

Brooke Shields, in her Glamour 2023 Women of the Year interview, recounted an incident where Bradley Cooper came to her rescue during a grand mal seizure. This heartwarming incident took place before her one-woman show, Previously Owned by Brooke Shields, at New York City’s Café Carlyle. While Cooper is known for his heroic roles in films, it seems that his compassion extends beyond the screen.

A Mysterious Turn of Events

As Shields was preparing for her performance, she unknowingly experienced low sodium levels due to excessive water intake. Unaware of her condition, she was waiting for an Uber when she started feeling strange. Concerned, the people accompanying her questioned her well-being. Surprisingly, without any apparent reason, Shields left the venue and later returned inside.

Inside the venue, things took a sudden turn for the worse. Shields encountered two unfamiliar women, and suddenly, her vision started fading. Darkness enveloped her, and her hands involuntarily dropped as she crashed headfirst into a wall. It became clear that Shields was seriously ill, with symptoms like frothing at the mouth and her skin turning blue. In a desperate struggle, she found herself trying to prevent swallowing her own tongue.

In the Presence of Bradley Cooper

The next thing Shields remembers is waking up in an ambulance with Bradley Cooper by her side, holding her hand. In that moment, she found it surreal and odd to see Cooper comforting her during such a harrowing event. Shields had a profound realization, thinking, “This is what death must be like. You wake up, and Bradley Cooper is going, ‘I’m going to go to the hospital with you, Brooke,’ and he’s holding my hand.”

Shields and Cooper had previously worked together in the 2008 film, Midnight Meat Train, and had maintained a friendly rapport. When Shields’ husband, Chris Henchy, couldn’t be immediately located, Cooper’s assistant was called for help. Conveniently, Cooper happened to be in the vicinity of the venue at the time. His immediate response showcased his genuine concern for Shields’ well-being.

The Doctor’s Diagnosis

After being rushed to the hospital, doctors diagnosed Shields with dehydration caused by excessive water intake, which had depleted her body’s sodium levels and led to the seizure. Their advice to her was rather unexpected but simple: “Eat potato chips every day,” Shields humorously shared. Such a peculiar remedy highlights the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and staying hydrated in a healthy manner.

In the end, Bradley Cooper’s heroic act transcended the silver screen and became a significant part of Brooke Shields’ life. This incident serves as a reminder that even Hollywood stars have the capacity for kindness and compassion in real-life situations. Shields’ story stands as a testament to the power of genuine human connections and the impact that a simple act of support can have in times of crisis.


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