Barbie Film Director Responds to Backlash and Talks Casting Choices

Barbie Film Director Responds to Backlash and Talks Casting Choices

The recently released Barbie film has been a hit at the box office, receiving praise for its diversity, inclusion, and positive message. However, not everyone is pleased with the movie, as certain political circles have voiced their discontent. In response to the backlash, director Greta Gerwig shares her thoughts on the matter.

Invitation to Embrace Change

Gerwig acknowledges the passion behind the negativity from the political right-wing but hopes that the movie serves as an invitation for everyone to participate and let go of things that may not be serving them. She believes that both women and men can find relief and empowerment in the film’s message. Gerwig expresses her desire for those who engage with the movie to experience the same sense of relief that it has brought to others.

Casting Ryan Gosling as Ken

Gerwig also discusses the casting choice of Ryan Gosling to play the role of Ken, opposite Margot Robbie. She reveals that she first noticed Gosling’s comedic abilities in a Saturday Night Live sketch, which inspired her to cast him as “Beach Ken.” Gerwig admires actors who possess a natural understanding of what is funny, and she always believed Gosling had that quality. She particularly enjoyed his performances on SNL, including his portrayal of “Guy That Just Got a Boat” during the “Weekend Update” segment.

An Unexpected Connection

Interestingly, Gerwig confesses that she had written the Ken character specifically with Gosling in mind. She had even included his name in the script before ever meeting him. When the studio received the script, they assumed Gerwig was familiar with Gosling and praised her for knowing him. However, Gerwig clarified that she had never met Gosling and had no prior connection to him. The coincidence of Gosling being her ideal choice for the role added an unexpected twist to the casting process.

In summary, despite the positive reviews and success of the Barbie film, it has faced criticism from certain political circles. Greta Gerwig, the director, acknowledges the passion behind the backlash but hopes that the movie can serve as a catalyst for change and unity. She believes that both women and men can find solace and empowerment in the film’s message. Gerwig also shares her admiration for Ryan Gosling’s comedic talents and explains how she wrote the Ken character with him in mind. The director’s unexpected connection to Gosling added an intriguing element to the casting process.


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