Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Amber Heard Thanks Fans for Support

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Amber Heard Thanks Fans for Support

Amber Heard, who reprised her role as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, recently expressed her gratitude towards fans for their unwavering support. Through her Instagram account, she posted a series of photos from the movie set along with a heartfelt message. The actress acknowledged the overwhelming support and love she received from fans for her return as Mera in the DC Studios film.

Amber Heard first portrayed the character of Mera in 2017’s Justice League and later in the 2018 Aquaman film, directed by James Wan. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, directed by Wan from a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, was released on December 22, 2023. The sequel picks up several years after Arthur Curry (played by Jason Momoa) became the king of Atlantis, married Mera, and together they had a son named Arthur Jr.

Controversy and Petition

The release of the Aquaman sequel was announced amid the allegations that Heard raised against Johnny Depp. As a result, Warner Bros. removed Depp from Fantastic Beasts 3. There was also an online petition with over 1.5 million signatures, urging the removal of Amber Heard from the Aquaman sequel. The controversy surrounding Heard’s involvement in the film attracted widespread attention and fueled debates among fans.

Earlier this year, James Wan addressed rumors that Amber Heard’s role in the sequel had been diminished. He clarified that his vision for the series had always involved different character dynamics. The first Aquaman film explored the romantic and action-packed journey of Arthur and Mera, while the sequel focuses on the bromance between Arthur and Orm, played by Patrick Wilson. Wan emphasized that this shift in focus was intentional from the beginning.

During the legal proceedings, Amber Heard mentioned that later versions of the script had reduced her character’s presence. She revealed that action scenes depicting her character and another character engaging in a fight were removed. This change in the script raised speculation about the development and significance of Mera’s role in the film. Fans and critics alike expressed concerns about these alterations and their potential impact on the overall story.

Amber Heard expressed her appreciation for the support and love from fans after her reprisal of the role of Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Despite the controversy surrounding her involvement in the film, Heard continues to engage with her fans and address the various issues raised during the production. The Aquaman sequel brings new dynamics and relationships to the forefront, promising an exciting and unique cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.


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