Apple’s iMessage on Android: Beeper’s Final Update

Apple’s iMessage on Android: Beeper’s Final Update

Messaging platform Beeper has recently released what seems to be its final update for bringing Apple’s iMessage to Android phones. After numerous attempts at making iMessage work reliably on Android devices, Beeper has come to the conclusion that their efforts are no longer sustainable. The company announced its future plans shortly after finding a stable solution for iMessages to function on Android devices for Beeper Mini and Cloud users. In a blog post published late Thursday, Beeper expressed that if their latest iMessage fix was thwarted by Apple, they would not be reviving their efforts. The company acknowledged that every time Beeper Mini encountered issues or became unreliable due to interference from Apple, its credibility suffered. The reality is that engaging in a cat-and-mouse game with the world’s largest company is simply not feasible for Beeper.

Beeper noted that it expected Apple to tolerate its most recent software release and revealed that the iMessage connection software behind Beeper Mini and Beeper Cloud would be made open source. This means that anyone who desires to use it or continue its development will have the opportunity to do so. By making it open source, Beeper hopes to foster innovation and collaboration in the messaging space. This decision aligns with their long-term objective of building what they believe to be the best chat app on Earth.

In response to Apple’s claims that Beeper posed significant risks to user security and privacy, Beeper issued a detailed rebuttal. The company firmly asserted that Beeper Mini is not a malicious app and is secure, contrary to the assertions made by the iPhone maker. This rebuttal serves as a testament to Beeper’s commitment to user safety and its dedication to providing a reliable and secure messaging platform.

Beeper’s latest update comes on the heels of the announcement that phone number registration on the Beeper Mini app is now available again. This registration feature allows Android phone numbers to appear in blue on iMessage, providing a seamless experience for Android users. However, in order to enable this functionality, Beeper users will need to either access an old jailbroken iPhone, use a Mac computer, or find a friend who has a Mac. Detailed instructions on how to get iMessage to work reliably on Android can be found in a separate blog post that outlines the jailbroken iPhone fix for phone number registration. For Beeper Mini users on mobile devices, an old jailbroken iPhone (6/6s/SE1/7/8/X) will suffice.

While Beeper has been diligently working on various fixes and workarounds to bring iMessage to Android devices, Apple has continued to block the service, citing concerns over privacy and security. This ongoing blockade has presented significant challenges for Beeper, making it increasingly difficult to overcome Apple’s barriers. Despite these obstacles, Beeper remains undeterred in its pursuit of creating a truly remarkable chat application.

Beeper’s final update regarding iMessage on Android signals the end of an arduous journey. The company has recognized the limitations of its efforts in the face of Apple’s dominance. By openly sharing its iMessage connection software and shifting its focus towards building the best chat app on Earth, Beeper is forging a new path in the messaging landscape. While the direct integration of iMessage on Android may not be feasible at the moment, Beeper’s dedication to innovation and commitment to user security sets the stage for exciting developments in the future.


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