Apple TV+ Sees Record Views and Success with Original Content

Apple TV+ Sees Record Views and Success with Original Content

Apple TV+ has been making waves in the streaming industry, with its original content garnering significant attention and viewership. The platform has seen record-breaking views and success with shows like The Morning Show and movies like The Family Plan. In this article, we will explore the impressive achievements of Apple TV+ and how it has become a prominent player in the streaming market.

The premiere of The Family Plan, starring Mark Wahlberg, on December 15th became the most viewed movie ever on Apple TV+. This film has now claimed the title of the most viewed movie in Apple TV+ history. Similarly, The Morning Show, featuring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, secured the record for the platform’s most-watched series after its latest season saw a 20% increase in audience numbers compared to the previous season. Notably, the show experienced significant growth in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, France, and India.

Apple TV+ has been expanding its content library with a diverse range of shows and movies. Brie Larson’s Lessons in Chemistry, Messi Meets America, Gary Oldman’s Slow Horses, Ron Moore’s For All Mankind, Rebecca Ferguson’s Silo, Idris Elba’s Hijack, Sharon Horgan’s Bad Sisters, and Jason Sudeikis’ Ted Lasso contributed to a 42% increase in viewership compared to the previous year. These additions attracted audiences from over 100 countries, and the total hours consumed on the platform doubled in the same period.

Apple TV+ has not only excelled in scripted content but also made a mark in the unscripted and sports genres. Lionel Messi’s documentary series, Messi in America, premiered on October 11th and is on track to become the biggest unscripted sports series on the platform. The series has garnered significant viewership, particularly in Australia, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and Argentina. Additionally, the Emmy-winning space drama For All Mankind has surpassed its previous season’s numbers in its fourth season, showcasing the enduring popularity of the show. Moreover, Gary Oldman’s Slow Horses, which recently premiered its third season, is pacing to become the largest returning drama in the UK, experiencing a 65% increase in viewership compared to its second season.

Apple TV+ has also embraced collaboration with theatrical studios to extend the reach of its big-ticket films. The platform has partnered with Sony and Paramount in preceding movie house releases, going beyond token or qualifying runs. This strategy has proven successful, with films like Napoleon, in collaboration with Sony, and Killers of the Flower Moon, in collaboration with Paramount, garnering significant attention. Bidding wars have even emerged for theatrical distribution deals for Apple Original Film projects. Sony recently secured distribution rights for two major Apple films, Wolfs and Project Artemis, both of which will receive full theatrical releases. This partnership with theatrical studios not only helps cover production costs but also adds value to the films when they eventually reach the streaming service.

Future Prospect and Exciting Projects

Apple TV+ continues to forge ahead with its impressive lineup of projects. As Ridley Scott’s Napoleon approaches the $200 million mark in revenue, it becomes evident that product-starved theaters serve as a successful starting point for big-ticket films. Upcoming projects like the untitled Formula One film, directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Brad Pitt, are generating excitement. Despite a brief shutdown due to strikes, there are still ample opportunities to capture thrilling Formula One race action shots, ensuring the film’s impact and potential success on the streaming platform.

Apple TV+ has made significant strides in the streaming industry, delivering original content that attracts global audiences. With record-breaking views, successful collaborations with theatrical studios, and an expanding library of diverse shows and films, Apple TV+ has firmly established itself among the top streaming platforms. As it continues to invest in exciting projects and capture the attention of viewers worldwide, Apple TV+ is poised to make an even bigger impact in the future.


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