Apple to Launch Mixed Reality Headset at WWDC 2023

Apple to Launch Mixed Reality Headset at WWDC 2023

Apple is all set to launch its first-ever mixed reality headset at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2023. The headset is expected to be dubbed as Reality Pro or Reality One and will run on the new operating system, xrOS. This hardware launch is considered the most significant since the arrival of the Apple Watch in 2015.

Details of the Mixed Reality Headset

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, several senior Apple executives, including Mike Rockwell, Jeff Williams, Dan Riccio, Paul Meade, and others, have been working on the development of the mixed reality headset. The device is said to be equipped with powerful M2 chips and dual 4K OLED displays that support both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. It may also feature over 12 cameras to track the movement of the wearer’s body and eyes and capture their surroundings to support mixed reality experiences.

The headset is expected to be powered by an external battery pack that the wearer will carry. Gurman previously reported that the mixed reality headset will eventually be worn all day and ultimately replace the iPhone as the company’s most popular product.

According to a Reuters report, Luxshare, Apple’s Chinese partner, will handle the production of the wearable headset, while Sony, TSMC, Everwin Precision, and Cowell will produce the components. However, Apple has anticipated issues with production, and users who can afford the device may not receive it until the end of the year, as production is reportedly expected to begin in December.

The Price of the Mixed Reality Headset

The mixed reality headset will reportedly be priced at $3,000 (roughly Rs. 2.50 lakh), which is considered expensive for a wearable device. However, Apple’s executives believe that the device’s capabilities and features justify the price tag. The headset will be available at WWDC 2023, which is scheduled to begin on June 5.

The upcoming mixed reality headset from Apple is set to revolutionize the way we experience AR and VR technology. With its powerful features and capabilities, the headset is expected to create a new market for wearable devices. Apple’s investment in this technology is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve.


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