Amazon Explores Expansion into Veterinary Telehealth

Amazon Explores Expansion into Veterinary Telehealth

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, is reportedly considering a foray into veterinary telehealth as part of its ongoing battle with Walmart in the pet industry. While Amazon has already established a strong presence in pet food and supplies, it has yet to make significant investments in pet health. Veterinary telehealth, which allows pet owners to have virtual appointments with veterinarians and technicians, is seen as a potential avenue for growth in the pet market. This article examines Amazon’s potential entry into the veterinary telehealth space and the competitive landscape of the pet industry.

The pet market is undergoing significant changes, with retailers like Walmart, Chewy, and Petco expanding their offerings beyond traditional pet staples. As mass retailers enter the pet health segment, the competition intensifies. Research from Bloomberg Intelligence suggests that pet health care is propelling the growth of the U.S. pet market, projected to reach $200 billion by the end of the decade. Companies like Chewy and Petco have been proactive in expanding their services to include pet prescriptions, insurance, and telehealth. Walmart, in addition to partnering with veterinary telehealth provider Pawp, plans to open a dedicated pet services center as a pilot program.

Amazon’s Potential Strategy

If Amazon decides to enter the veterinary telehealth market, it could choose to partner with established players like Pawp, similar to Walmart. Alternatively, Amazon may opt to collaborate with other pet telehealth startups or build its own telehealth platform, as Chewy did during the Covid-19 pandemic. Amazon’s existing health-care efforts have shown mixed results, prompting the company to prioritize the pet market. Notably, Amazon aired a heartwarming Super Bowl ad earlier this year that showcased a rescue dog and emphasized how the family turned to Amazon for their pet supplies.

As competition increases in the pet industry, retailers are exploring various strategies to gain a larger market share. Chewy has placed emphasis on pet prescriptions, insurance, and telehealth, while Petco leverages its brick-and-mortar footprint to develop clinics and grooming centers, solidifying its position as a leading veterinary provider in the nation. Walmart, aside from its partnership with Pawp, has announced plans for a dedicated pet services center. If Amazon decides to offer pet telehealth, it could leverage its Amazon Prime subscription service, following a similar approach to Walmart and its Walmart+ offering.

Veterinary telehealth emerged as a necessity during the pandemic, offering a convenient alternative to in-person visits. However, some veterinarians express concerns about potential misdiagnoses or delayed treatment when telehealth is primarily used as a sales channel for products rather than prioritizing the animals’ best interests. The complex web of state and federal laws governing pet telehealth, coupled with restrictions on what veterinarians can do without physical examinations, has posed challenges to the expansion of telehealth services. Efforts are underway to lobby for regulatory changes, supported by industry giants like Chewy and Mars Veterinary Health.

Amazon’s potential entry into veterinary telehealth indicates its intention to compete with Walmart and establish a stronger foothold in the pet market. While Amazon’s strategy and approach remain uncertain, the pet industry is certain to witness increased competition and innovation in the coming years. As the market continues to grow and consumer demands evolve, veterinary telehealth will play an increasingly important role in providing convenient and accessible healthcare for pets.


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