Adventure Tom: A Road Trip Dramedy Wraps Cross-Country Shoot

Adventure Tom: A Road Trip Dramedy Wraps Cross-Country Shoot

Graham Patrick Martin, known for his role in Catch-22, and Andrea Londo, famous for her work in Narcos, have recently completed shooting for Adventure Tom, a dramedy that takes viewers on a road trip across the United States. The film, written and directed by Miguel Duran, was produced by Create Entertainment. The production journey began in Minneapolis, MN and covered a whopping 2,869 miles across seven states. Adventure Tom follows the story of Tom, a reserved artist dealing with personal losses, who unexpectedly forms a bond with Lilly, a stranded accountant. As they make their way home through iconic American landscapes, they encounter catharsis along empty highways.

The Development and Filming

Miguel Duran and Atit Shah, the producer from Create Entertainment, worked together for several years to develop Adventure Tom. They recently made adjustments to the story to reflect the changing perspectives of their characters in a post-pandemic world. Currently, the team is finalizing the animated components of the film while Shah explores opportunities to sell the worldwide rights. The film’s executive producers include Jason Friedman-Mendez, Kathryn Kalucki, and Daniel Duarte, with Luis S. Canate, CSA in charge of casting.

In a statement to Deadline, Andrea Londo expressed her excitement about the project, saying, “When I read Adventure Tom, I felt really excited by how fun, honest, and original the story was. Bringing Lilly to life while actually doing a cross-country road trip was an insane experience. One that will stay with me for a long time!” Graham Patrick Martin also shared his enthusiasm for the film, stating, “I was hooked by Miguel’s script and the nuanced lens in which he explores the loss of a complicated parent. Setting Tom’s grieving process against the backdrop of America’s most beautiful national parks is a remarkable contrast, and I’m grateful to take part in telling this story.”

Miguel Duran, the writer and director, explained his motivation behind making the film, saying, “I really wanted to showcase beautiful parts of this country that aren’t often seen, while also capturing two characters meeting at a time when both their lives were at a crossroads, and these two accepted the challenge beautifully and dove right in without hesitation.”

About the Cast

Graham Patrick Martin has made a name for himself through his appearances in popular series such as Catch-22, Major Crimes, and Two and a Half Men. On the film side, he has worked on independent projects like The Line, A Southern Haunting, and Bukowski. Martin is represented by Innovative Artists, Untitled Entertainment, and Goodman, Genow, Schenkman.

Andrea Londo, known for her roles in The Winchesters, Snowfall, and Narcos, has also been a part of the indie comedy Good Egg, directed by Nicole Gomez Fisher. Londo is represented by Gersh and Principal Entertainment LA.

Adventure Tom promises to take audiences on a memorable journey through breathtaking landscapes and explore the emotional depths of its characters. With a talented cast and an intriguing storyline, this road trip dramedy is set to captivate viewers around the world.


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