A Weekend of Box Office Success: Bottoms and Talk To Me

A Weekend of Box Office Success: Bottoms and Talk To Me

In its second weekend in theaters, the teen comedy Bottoms directed by Emma Seligman has made a major splash, breaking into the top ten films for the weekend. With a significant expansion from a 10-theater opening to 715 screens, the film has managed to generate an estimated $3 million gross for the three days and $3.6 million for the four-day Labor Day holiday. This success indicates that the film will continue to expand, with plans to screen on about 1,200 screens next weekend. Considering the film’s production budget of $11.3 million, its estimated cumulative total of $4.3+ million is promising. Bottoms has also received critical acclaim, with a 95% Fresh rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and a 94% audience score. Exit polling shows that the film’s popularity remains high as it expands its reach beyond coastal cities, with organic social buzz and young audiences driving ticket sales.

A4’s Talk To Me, a low-budget horror film from Australian brothers Danny and Michael Philippou, has become A24’s highest-grossing horror pic ever. The film achieved an estimated cumulative gross of $44.575 million over the four-day Labor Day weekend, surpassing the previous record held by Hereditary. Talk To Me had a powerful debut in late July and continues to perform well in its sixth week at the domestic box office. In terms of weekend earnings, the film made $1.76 million for the three-day weekend and $2.24 million for the four days. This continued success reaffirms the Philippou brothers’ talent and A24’s ability to find breakout hits in the horror genre.

Bottoms Success Beyond Expectations

The success of Bottoms has exceeded expectations, especially considering its raunchy comedy style and narrative centered around two queer high school girls. Upon its release, there were uncertainties about how well the film would fare outside of New York and Los Angeles, particularly in suburban areas. However, MGM has reported that audience responses have been extremely positive, with exit polling indicating high satisfaction rates. A remarkable 91% of viewers placed the film in the top two boxes, and an overwhelming 86% would enthusiastically recommend it to others. The film has proven to resonate with both suburban and urban audiences, particularly young viewers. In fact, 80% of the audience is between the ages of 18-34, with 48% falling into the 25-34 age range. Moreover, social media conversations surrounding the film have surged, making Bottoms one of the most talked-about theatrical comedies of the decade.

In addition to the success of Bottoms and Talk To Me, other specialty films have maintained their momentum at the box office. Bleecker Street’s Golda, starring Helen Mirren and directed by Guy Nattiv, has amassed an estimated total gross of $3.38 million in its second week on 791 screens. The film has garnered positive reviews and continued audience interest, with a three-day gross of $769,723 and a four-day gross of $971,647. Similarly, Briarcliff’s For The Hill, starring Dennis Quad and directed by Jeff Celentano, is projected to have a 3-day gross of $1.44 million in its second week and a 4-day gross of $1.91 million. With a total cumulative gross of $5.2 million, the film has shown resilience despite a modest decline from its previous weekend earnings.

Exploring New Openings

While limited data is available for the new releases this weekend, one film worth noting is Vertical’s The Good Mother, starring Hilary Swank and directed by Miles Joris-Payrafitte. The film has managed to accumulate a three-day estimated gross of $304,000 and a four-day gross of $367,000 on 419 screens. Although the numbers may seem relatively modest compared to the box office giants, it is commendable for an independent film to make an impact amidst tough competition.

This past weekend has demonstrated the power of different genres in capturing audiences’ attention. Both Bottoms and Talk To Me have proven themselves as breakout hits, exceeding expectations in terms of box office success and critical acclaim. These films have shown that compelling storytelling, relatable characters, and effective marketing can propel independent films to the top ten ranks. As the industry continues to evolve, it is vital to support and celebrate diverse and innovative films that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.


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