A Newcastle Fan Stabbed in Milan Ahead of Champions League Match

A Newcastle Fan Stabbed in Milan Ahead of Champions League Match

A Newcastle fan, Eddie McKay, found himself in a horrifying situation in Milan ahead of the club’s Champions League match. McKay was with his son and a friend when they were attacked by a group of unidentified individuals wearing balaclavas. This unprovoked attack left McKay with stab wounds to his back and arms, after falling to the ground while attempting to escape. He was promptly treated by paramedics at the scene and is currently in a stable condition in a local city hospital, as confirmed by the Milan police.

The incident has left McKay’s family shaken and deeply concerned. His daughter, Rachel McKay, expressed her gratitude for his stable condition but emphasized the shock and disappointment her father is feeling for missing the highly anticipated match. Despite his own disappointment, he wants to ensure the safety of other supporters who have made the journey to Milan. The attack has taken a toll on the entire family, with Rachel’s brother also in a state of shock after witnessing the assault.

At present, authorities have yet to determine the motive behind the attack. Local police are working diligently to ascertain whether it was related to the football match or if there were alternative reasons. A police spokesperson provided some details, stating that the attack took place around midnight in Milan’s Navigli district. The area of the incident lies between via Segantini and via Gola, where McKay and his friend were confronted by a group of seven or eight individuals.

Newcastle United Football Club, unsurprisingly, is deeply concerned about the assault on one of its supporters. The club has been in contact with local authorities in Milan to gather more information about the circumstances surrounding the incident. Newcastle United has 4,000 tickets allocated for the match, and it appears that several ticketless fans have also made the trip to Milan. The safety and well-being of all supporters are of utmost importance to the club, and they continue to monitor the situation closely.

Despite the distressing incident, Newcastle’s Champions League match against AC Milan is set to proceed as scheduled. The match holds significant importance for the club, as this will be their first appearance in the competition in two decades. However, the incident has cast a shadow over the excitement and anticipation surrounding the game. It serves as a reminder of the potential risks and dangers that can arise in the realm of football fandom.

The attack on Eddie McKay, a devoted Newcastle fan, in Milan has caused shock and concern among football supporters. This unfortunate incident not only highlights the need for increased security measures at football matches but also reminds us of the importance of fan safety. As the investigation unfolds, it is essential that measures are taken to prevent such incidents from occurring again in the future. The safety and well-being of all fans should always be the highest priority, ensuring that they can enjoy matches without fear or danger.


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