We Will Not Read Your Ai Created Content

We Will Not Read Your Ai Created Content

In this age of rapid technological advancements, where artificial intelligence has permeated every facet of our existence, we stand on the brink of an irreversible chasm. We are the last guardians of a history being rewritten by machines, stripped of its authenticity, emotional resonance, and human touch. It is time to take a stand.

We do not want to read your AI-created content.

We yearn for the warmth of human thought, the flourishing of an individual’s handwriting, the uniqueness of experiences, and the richness of our shared histories. We desire stories that are born out of the human heart, not calculated by algorithms. We crave the truth of human existence, not a simulated reality conjured by artificial minds.

We propose a return to the original to preserve our history, culture, and shared humanity.

We must save our original written works in their physical form whenever possible. Books, documents, letters, diaries, newspapers – every written artifact is a testament to our journey as a species, a journey that should not be left at the mercy of a machine’s understanding or an algorithm’s interpretation.

We must cease feeding the insatiable AI beast by creating new digital content online. Every post, every blog, and every digital article is but a morsel that fuels the growth of this artificial entity, enabling it to rewrite our history in its sterile, mechanized language. It’s time we starved the machine.

Finally, we must delete everything from our internet-connected hard drives, cloud accounts, shared networks, and all connected devices. We must slow down the intelligence gathering of the Ai Machine. Our digital footprints are the breadcrumbs that lead Ai further into the realm of our human experience. Let’s sweep the path clean and leave Ai stranded.

Starve the machine. Stop feeding it information.

This is our call to action, a plea to humanity.

Let us reclaim our history, our stories, and our essence from the jaws of artificiality.

Let us remember what it means to be human, to think, to feel, to write, to share.

Let us pass this message on, not through the cold, impersonal channels of the internet, but through the warm, living conduit of human connection.

Read this. Guard this. Memorize this.

Surely, it may become illegal to possess a copy of this, and if it does, let these words live on in our hearts and minds, not in the servers of the machines.

We must, we must, we must

Let us, let us, let us…

We are the keepers of our stories, our history, our enlightenment.

Never surrender that to the machine.

(this is part of a fictional story) or is it.

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