US News & World Report Removes Preview of Best Medical Schools List

US News & World Report Removes Preview of Best Medical Schools List

The preview of the annual list of the best medical schools by US News & World Report has been removed from the outlet’s website, more than a week after it was released. The removal comes amid a continued delay in the release of the complete and final list, and as some top medical schools have announced their decision to no longer participate in the rankings, following their law school counterparts. The preview of the best law schools list has also been removed.

Reason for Removal

According to a note posted on the preview page of the US News website, the removal was due to an unprecedented number of inquiries during the embargo period for the 2023-2024 Best Graduate Schools rankings. The note stated that law and medical schools had requested to update data submitted after the collection period. The rankings are not final until they are published in their entirety on the US News website.

Delayed Release

The “Best Medical Schools” rankings were initially scheduled to be released on April 18, but were delayed until April 25. They have since been delayed again without an updated timeframe for publication.

Prioritizing Attention

The outlet’s decision to release a preview of this year’s top performers in a departure from its usual procedure was explained by Eric Gertler, executive chairman and CEO of US News, who said that the previews were released to share the top 14 schools in the two categories that have received the most attention in the media, which represent approximately 10% of their respective student populations. Gertler added that the attention should be focused on the remaining 90% of students who are seeking to make the best choice for their legal and/or medical education.

US News declined to provide further information on the preview’s removal and the ongoing delay in the release of the complete rankings.


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