Tucker Carlson’s New Twitter Show Attracts Conservative-Friendly Advertising

Tucker Carlson’s New Twitter Show Attracts Conservative-Friendly Advertising

Former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, has secured a lucrative advertising agreement for his new Twitter show. The seven-figure deal with Public Square, a shopping app that positions itself as a platform for conservatives to challenge environmental, social, and governance policies, demonstrates Carlson’s intention to attract advertisers who share his conservative perspective. While the show’s viewership has reportedly decreased since its launch in June, it still garners millions of views. Notably, Carlson’s previous show on Fox News generated $77.5 million in advertising revenue in the previous year.

Carlson’s Departure from Fox News

Carlson’s departure from Fox News followed the network’s parent company settling a $787.5 million defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems. As a prominent figure in the legal battle, Carlson has since become even more outspokenly conservative on Twitter. However, his show faced criticism for featuring Andrew Tate, a social media personality accused of human trafficking and rape. Despite receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Fox News, Carlson’s team asserted their determination not to be silenced.

Public Square’s Alignment with Carlson’s Show

Public Square, the shopping app that struck the advertising deal with Carlson, shares his conservative leanings. CEO Michael Seifert has expressed the company’s aim to combat ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies, which have become targets for Republican lawmakers and right-wing media figures. Seifert emphasized the role of consumer spending as a means to challenge these policies and positioned Public Square as the easy starting point for individuals seeking to make a difference. While Seifert declined to comment on the advertising deal, Public Square’s ads are expected to appear on Carlson’s show in late August.

Public Square’s upcoming initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, facilitated by a merger with Colombier Acquisition Corp., has also garnered attention. The merger is projected to provide Public Square with up to $158.5 million in cash. Led by Wall Street veteran Omeed Malik, Colombier Acquisition Corp. will contribute to Public Square’s expected new board of directors, which will include figures such as Nick Ayers, an aide to former Vice President Mike Pence, and Blake Masters, a former Arizona Senate GOP candidate and ally of Peter Thiel.

Furthermore, Malik’s investment firm, 1789 Capital, plans to make a significant eight-figure investment in Carlson’s new media company by the end of summer. Carlson and his ally Neil Patel are reportedly seeking to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for their venture. The involvement of 1789 Capital in Carlson’s project also connects them to billionaire Republican megadonor Rebekah Mercer, who has supported conservative causes and previously financed Breitbart. Mercer’s ties to 1789 Capital highlight the potential financial support Carlson’s media company may receive.

In his post-Fox News career, Carlson has actively participated in the political landscape. He recently hosted the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, where he interviewed six Republican presidential candidates, indicating his early involvement in the 2024 presidential election. Additionally, Carlson’s show has attracted attention for his claim that anti-vaccine advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is surpassing President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, despite polling indicating otherwise.

Tucker Carlson’s new Twitter show has attracted conservative-friendly advertising, as evidenced by his advertising deal with Public Square. Despite criticism and legal challenges, Carlson remains steadfast in his conservative views and determination to provide a platform for like-minded individuals. With the backing of Public Square and potential investments from 1789 Capital, Carlson’s new media company shows promise for the future.


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