The White Tower: A New Animated Film Based on Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time

The White Tower: A New Animated Film Based on Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous creator and renowned screenwriter Zack Stentz has joined forces with iwot productions to develop a feature-length animated film titled The White Tower. Inspired by Robert Jordan’s popular graphic novel series, The Wheel of Time, this animated movie is being created in collaboration with Quebec’s Squeeze Studios, known for their work on The Amazing Maurice. Unlike the TV series adaptation of The Wheel of Time, The White Tower will take place before the events chronicled in the show, delivering an action-packed adventure centered around a young girl with a unique gift.

The story revolves around a remote mountain village where the young girl resides. Her life takes a dramatic turn when evil arrives at her doorstep, forever changing her fate. Left alone in a dangerous world, she embarks on a journey to The White Tower, a place where she can learn to harness her magical powers. With these newfound abilities, her mission becomes clear: to save her family and friends from the clutches of darkness.

A Dream Come True for Zack Stentz

Screenwriter Zack Stentz, a lifelong fan of Robert Jordan’s world, expressed his excitement about the project. Specifically, he mentioned his fascination with The White Tower, a significant location within Jordan’s universe. The White Tower serves as the enigmatic Aes Sedai sisterhood’s capital, residence, school, and fortress. Stentz feels privileged to have the opportunity to contribute to this iconic setting that will undoubtedly resonate with fans worldwide. He will be crafting an original story set within Jordan’s universe, ensuring that it stays true to the beloved source material.

Stentz has been collaborating with iwot on a Wheel of Time project for a while, and their latest endeavor takes the form of an animated film, with Canadian partners onboard. The production will be led by Rick Selvage and Larry Mondragon from iwot productions, along with Zack Stentz from Electric Brain Entertainment. Selvage and Mondragon are also executive producers for Sony and Amazon’s TV adaptation of The Wheel of Time.

A Unique Visual Style and a Transcendent Message

Squeeze CEO Denis Doré expressed enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the opportunity to bring a distinct visual style to The Wheel of Time’s immersive world. Doré emphasized their team’s motivation to breathe life into this incredible project, which aligns perfectly with their company mission of delivering high-quality animation that captivates audiences of all ages.

Rick Selvage, CEO of iwot productions, echoed Doré’s sentiments, stating that the animation platform allows them to expand The Wheel of Time experience. By targeting a young adult audience, they can remain faithful to the cherished world while introducing it to a new generation. The White Tower, as an action-packed adventure, carries a powerful message of female empowerment, inspiring imaginative young women.

The Wheel of Time graphic novel series is a vast universe comprising 14 novels, 2,750 named characters, and a mythos spanning 3,000 years. The White Tower animated film aims to capture the essence of this expansive world while offering a fresh perspective. With Stentz’s expertise and the collaboration between iwot productions and Squeeze Studios, fans can anticipate a visually stunning and emotionally resonant portrayal of Robert Jordan’s beloved series.

Zack Stentz is represented by Susan Solomon at Circle of Confusion and Bryan Swatt at Hansen Jacobson.


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