The Ever-Changing Kicking Competition for the Dallas Cowboys

The Ever-Changing Kicking Competition for the Dallas Cowboys

The quest for a reliable kicker continues for the Dallas Cowboys as coach Mike McCarthy announced the release of Tristan Vizcaino, bringing a new twist to the ongoing competition. With Vizcaino’s departure, Brandon Aubrey remains the sole kicker on the 90-man roster. However, the team may choose to add another kickersoon, or they might wait to see if other teams release talented kickers as they trim their rosters for the upcoming season. Despite proven kickers like Robbie Gould and Mason Crosby being available in the market, the Cowboys have not yet expressed interest in signing a veteran player.

The Performance of Tristan Vizcaino and Brandon Aubrey

During the team’s eight padded practices, Tristan Vizcaino managed to make 22 of 35 attempts in team drills. However, in the most recent Dallas practice on Saturday, Vizcaino struggled, going just 4-of-8, including four consecutive missed kicks (though one was due to a poor snap). On the other hand, Brandon Aubrey, who had previously played for the USFL’s Birmingham Stallions, has made 26 of 35 attempts. However, in end-of-game situations on Saturday, Aubrey was 1-of-3.

Missed Opportunities in the Draft

The Dallas Cowboys had their eye on two kickers in the draft, Jake Moody and Chad Ryland. Unfortunately, both kickers were selected earlier than the team was willing to use a draft pick on a specialist. This missed opportunity leaves the Cowboys searching for a diamond in the rough among the available kickers in the market.

The Cowboys’ kicking competition has been a recurring theme during training camp in recent years. Last year, Jonathan Garibay and Lirim Hajrullahu battled it out, only for the team to sign Brett Maher after their struggles. Maher went on to have a successful season, setting the team record for points with 137. He made 29 of 32 field goal attempts and 50 of 53 extra points. However, Maher’s inconsistency was evident in the playoffs, as he missed four extra points in the wild-card win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and an additional extra point in the divisional loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

The Dallas Cowboys’ inability to find a consistent and reliable kicker highlights the ongoing challenge in the NFL. While other teams have secured the services of proven kickers, the Cowboys seem content on exploring their options internally or waiting to see who becomes available as other teams make their cuts. The team must tread carefully as the regular season approaches, as a reliable kicker can make a significant difference in close games.

The Uncertain Road Ahead

As the days of training camp dwindle and the regular season approaches, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in a familiar position – a kicker-less team. Brandon Aubrey remains the only kicker remaining on the 90-man roster, and it remains to be seen whether the team will add another player or roll with Aubrey for the start of the season. With missed opportunities in the draft, the Cowboys must rely on their scouting ability and internal evaluations to find a kicker who can provide consistent performance and reliability. Until then, the search for a reliable option continues for America’s Team.


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