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The Arabian Camels Porsche Racing Team: An Amazing Web 3 Move That Will Redefine Motorsports Branding

Arabian Camels have emerged as a trailblazing Web 3 brand in the dynamic digital blockchain world. Launched in 2021, the Arabian Camels venture incorporates a $50M Hollywood movie, a play-to-earn strategy game reminiscent of Clash of the Clans, and an iconic Porsche racing team – a portfolio that marries entertainment, technology, and motorsport in a way never seen before.

Arabian Camels: A Web 3 Phenomenon

The movie “Antara” is a Swords-and-Sandals Hollywood epic and represents an unprecedented milestone as the first major movie financed by NFTs. This true story of a 6th-century black slave turned legendary knight of Ancient Arabia is steeped in the themes of bravery, heroism, and love. Much like the tales of Achilles or Alexander the Great, Antara’s story continues to inspire and enthrall audiences worldwide. That movie production is underway, and Some community members will win a chance to play an important role in the movie. Find out more at, and if you would like to buy a game or movie NFT, you can do so on open-sea below.



The Arabian Camels Porsche Racing Team: A Unique Blend of Tradition and Innovation

More than just a racing team, the Arabian Camels Porsche Racing Team is a first-of-its-kind digitally syndicated motorsport venture co-owned by celebrities, influencers, and motorsport fans worldwide. Through the power of blockchain, the advertising space on the team’s Porsche is co-owned, allowing for sales on the secondary market and offering a wealth of motorsport utility throughout the race seasons.

The Perks of NFT Ownership and Utility

As part of their innovative approach, Arabian Camels offer several benefits to NFT holders and co-owners:

  • Co-own the Porsche Team
  • Receive a 10% discount on all Expedia hotel bookings as an Arabian Camels Porsche Club member.
  • Win tickets to Formula 1 trackside on a yacht and watch Porsche Supercup in Italy, Monaco, Hungary, Netherlands, Austria, and the United Kingdom.
  • Gain one-to-one lessons on the race track with a professional race driver
  • Get the opportunity to meet the driver and tour the garage

These perks underline the team’s innovative use of NFTs and their commitment to providing value to their co-owners and fans.

Sharing Success through Digital Syndication

The Arabian Camels’ strategy is driven by a shared sense of ownership and a rewards system. Co-owners, influencers, celebrities, and fans are incentivized to promote the team and their sponsors’ logos across social media on a share2earn basis. The result? Increasing strength in visibility, exposure, and ultimate PR value of the team as the community grows.

The Prestige of the Porsche Supercup

Participation in the Porsche Supercup — an international racing series supporting the Formula One World Championship — adds to the team’s allure. For over 30 years, drivers have competed in identical Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars, creating a level playing field that highlights skill and strategy. The Supercup shares the grandeur and excitement of Formula 1 racing on the same circuit as the Grand Prix.

A New Era of Sponsorship

With a collective following of over 70 million Formula 1 race fans, Arabian Camels offers a new form of marketing power. By rewarding their community for creating and sharing content, they provide unprecedented visibility for sponsors. They are reshaping the landscape of motorsport sponsorship, promising potential partners an impact that could rival even that of Formula 1 at a fraction of the cost.

The Arabian Camels Porsche Racing Team represents the future of motorsports, integrating the exciting world of blockchain with the time-honored thrill of racing. They are pioneers in a new age of digital syndication, rewriting the rules of sports, entertainment, and digital ownership. – Camel Camel

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