Support and Solidarity on WGA Picket Lines

Support and Solidarity on WGA Picket Lines

The Writers Guild of America’s (WGA) picket lines in the Los Angeles area saw a busy day with various activities and support from unionized teachers, nurses, and members of the Pacific Islander community. The day began with marching picketers enjoying breakfast burritos and coffee while listening to Beyoncé tunes outside Netflix headquarters. The picketing continued at Warner Bros in Burbank, where Abbott Elementary’s Lisa Ann Walter and Bruno Amato, along with the United Teachers Los Angeles, showed their support for the striking writers.

Support from Teachers and Nurses

The Abbott Elementary/teachers union was among the supporters present at Warner Bros, where Lisa Ann Walter, who portrays a second-grade teacher on the Emmy-winning ABC comedy, expressed her support for the striking writers. Bruno Amato, who plays the boyfriend of Walter’s character, also showed his support. Members of the California Nurses Association were also present at the picket lines, and Holly Conn, co-chief nurse rep at City of Hope, delivered a speech on how executives’ greediness undermines their profession for profits.

Union Solidarity

The United Teachers Los Angeles, which has a history of striking, showed solidarity with the striking writers by joining the picket lines. LAUSD Board President Jackie Goldberg and board member Dr. Rocío Rivas also expressed their support for the writers. Such displays of union solidarity serve as a reminder that workers across various industries can come together to support each other’s causes.

Cultural Representation

Members of the Pacific Islander community also showed their support for the striking writers. Dana Ledoux Miller, a WGA member and theme-day organizer, stressed the importance of cultural representation on the picket lines. She organized Pacific Islander Day outside Disney headquarters to bring the community together. The event saw members of the Pacific Islander community and their friends and family enjoying Spam musubi and participating in cultural activities. Destin Daniel Cretton, director-EP of American Born Chinese and writer-director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, was also among the supporters.

The WGA strike has garnered support from various communities, including teachers, nurses, and members of the Pacific Islander community. The picket lines have become a symbol of solidarity and support for workers across various industries, demonstrating the power of collective action. As the strike continues, it is essential to remember that workers’ rights are human rights and that solidarity is crucial in fighting for these rights.


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