Researchers Develop World’s First Wooden Transistor

Researchers Develop World’s First Wooden Transistor

Swedish researchers from Linköping University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology have developed the world’s first wooden transistor. Although wood is not semiconductive, the researchers stripped hardwood balsa of its tough lignin and then filled the remaining material with a mixed electron-ion conducting polymer called PEDOT:PSS. By stacking millimeter-thick units that operated as electrodes and channels, the team found they could create a rather crude transistor. Turning the wooden device off takes around 1 second while returning it to the on position takes roughly 5 seconds.

The team behind the innovation added a special ingredient to get around the whole issue of wood being so poor at conducting a current. Although the wooden transistor is slow and bulky, it does work and has huge development potential. However, it is unlikely to find its way into smartphones.

The humble transistor is a fundamental component in just about any piece of electronic technology. Functioning as a tiny ‘gate’ that controls the flow of one current through the application of another, it can amplify signals, store data as a string of switches, or work together to carry out logic operations. Using the hardwood balsa for its relatively high strength, low density, and homogenous structure, the researchers hope that the development of the wooden transistor will inspire further research that can lead to applications in the future.

Rapid computations aside, biodegradable electronics made from easily harvested resources could be used in remote sensors that need to break down easily or inconspicuous devices powered by movements in the environment. The wooden transistor could be used for many other things, such as building boxes, boats, and bookcases, making tools, campfires, feeding termites, and beavers.


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