Patrick Murray’s Lung Cancer Returns and Spreads Despite Previous Hopes of a Cure

Patrick Murray’s Lung Cancer Returns and Spreads Despite Previous Hopes of a Cure

Patrick Murray, the actor who portrayed Mickey Pearce in the classic sitcom Only Fools And Horses, has revealed that his lung cancer has returned and spread despite previous treatment. The 66-year-old actor announced his initial diagnosis in January 2022. In May of the same year, Murray expressed hope that an operation to remove a cancerous tumor, combined with chemotherapy, had been successful. Additionally, a tumor unrelated to his lung cancer was found in his liver and treated.

On Monday, Murray informed his Twitter followers that “despite all the wonderful efforts” of hospital staff, his lung cancer had returned. The actor said that he initially thought he had a painful groin strain a couple of months ago; unfortunately, it turned out to be the cancer getting into his pelvis and leg bones. Murray’s lymphatic system has also been affected.

The comedy star is currently undergoing a combination of radiology treatment and chemotherapy. He added that his consultant was “confident that the chemo will keep things in check for months and even years… I am feeling positive with my good (wife’s) awesome support.”

Murray’s co-star John Challis, who played Boycie in the popular series, died from cancer at the age of 79 in September 2021. Despite his diagnosis, Murray remains optimistic due to recent advancements in cancer medicine.


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