New Revelations in Hunter Biden’s Case: Tax and Gun Charges Detailed

New Revelations in Hunter Biden’s Case: Tax and Gun Charges Detailed

Last week, the court appearance of Hunter Biden shed light on a plea agreement that has created a significant stir. The agreement, which was made public on Wednesday, provides detailed accounts of the tax and gun charges faced by President Biden’s son. These new revelations shed light on the extent of the criminal charges against him. The plea deal involved Biden pleading guilty to two counts of tax evasion in exchange for a recommended sentence of probation. Additionally, a separate gun charge for illegal possession would have been dropped after two years if Biden adhered to the terms of a diversion agreement. However, the judge brought up several concerns about the proposed agreements, leading to the temporary scrapping of the deal.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction: The Root Cause

According to attachments to the agreement, Biden’s lawyers and federal prosecutors in Delaware attributed his conduct in both cases to his drug and alcohol addiction. The document outlines how Biden’s substance abuse issues escalated following the death of his brother in 2015. He progressed from alcohol abuse to using illegal drugs, including crack cocaine, in 2016. Despite his addiction, Biden managed to engage in various business ventures and secure legal clients, earning millions of dollars in 2017. However, his substance abuse problems worsened the following year, leading to a period of intense debauchery in Los Angeles. This wild spending, combined with his failure to pay taxes, left him in dire financial straits despite his substantial earnings.

The court filing states that Hunter Biden achieved sobriety in May 2019 and, with the assistance of a third party, paid off approximately $2 million in back taxes and penalties by October 2021. This significant milestone marked a turning point in Biden’s life as he confronted the consequences of his past actions.

Another significant revelation in the court filing pertains to the purchase of a gun by Hunter Biden. The document reveals that Biden purchased a Colt Cobra .38 Special handgun from a federally licensed firearms dealer in Delaware in October 2018. However, during the purchase, he falsely stated that he did not use illegal narcotics, despite his addiction to crack cocaine at the time. Biden possessed the gun for 11 days, during which he regularly consumed crack cocaine. Eventually, the gun and drug paraphernalia were discovered in his car and discarded in a trashcan outside a supermarket in Greenville, Delaware. As a consequence of the diversion agreement, Biden is now forbidden from buying or owning a firearm in the future.

Legal experts have analyzed the plea agreement and view it as providing protection solely against prosecution for gun possession while using drugs or the tax-related conduct included in the separate plea agreement. Nevertheless, the judge handling the case expressed concerns during the recent hearing, deferring her decision on accepting the plea until more information is provided by the parties involved. As the plea deal faces scrutiny, House Republican committee chairmen have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the agreement. They believe that preferential treatment has been afforded to Hunter Biden throughout the course of the investigation and proposed resolution of his alleged criminal conduct.

The release of the plea agreement in Hunter Biden’s case has exposed new details regarding the tax and gun charges against him. The unusual provisions and concerns raised by the judge have fueled speculation and debate. While the battle over his plea deal continues, it remains to be seen how this high-profile case will unfold and what consequences it will hold for Hunter Biden and the broader political landscape.


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