Labour MP Accused of Racist Behavior in Twitter Row

Labour MP Accused of Racist Behavior in Twitter Row

Labour frontbencher Jess Phillips has come under fire for her alleged “racist and bullying behavior” following a heated exchange on social media with prominent headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh. Birbalsingh, the former chairwoman of the Social Mobility Commission and known as “Britain’s strictest headteacher,” accused Phillips of attempting to incite a social media mob against her on Twitter. The controversy arose when Birbalsingh inadvertently tweeted a picture of Tina Turner alongside her abusive former husband Ike Turner while paying tribute to the late star.

Claims of Unfounded Attacks

In response to Birbalsingh’s tweet, Phillips posted a message of support for victims of domestic abuse, stating, “Stay with me! Domestic abuse is never okay, and we will defeat those who prop up the status quo.” This prompted Birbalsingh to write an open letter to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, in which she accused Phillips of inspiring a vicious attack against her on Twitter and questioning her school’s safeguarding policies. Birbalsingh also revealed her intention to report Phillips to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

Birbalsingh emphasized that Phillips does not personally know her, has never visited her school, and that the school is not within her constituency. She argued that Phillips’ unwarranted hostility towards her is racially motivated, claiming that Phillips despises her based on the belief that black and Asian individuals in public life have a duty to align with left-wing views. Birbalsingh referred to this behavior as an example of “unconscious bias.”

Call for Action from Labour Leader

Birbalsingh, who described herself as a “floating voter” and not a member of the Conservative party, suggested that her attendance at a recent right-wing event may have contributed to Phillips’ anger towards her. She accused Phillips of damaging Labour’s reputation and called on Sir Keir Starmer to take action. Birbalsingh demanded assurances from the Labour leader that baseless and unfounded abuse would not be directed at her school and herself, deeming such behavior entirely unacceptable.

Sky News has reached out to Jess Phillips for her response to these allegations. Phillips, who serves as the shadow minister for domestic violence and safeguarding, is widely known as one of Labour’s most prominent MPs and is an active user of Twitter. As of now, Labour has refrained from commenting on the matter.

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