John Cleese Refutes Reports of Removing “Loretta” Scene from Life of Brian Adaptation

John Cleese Refutes Reports of Removing “Loretta” Scene from Life of Brian Adaptation

John Cleese, a member of the Monty Python crew, has denied rumors that he would cut the “Loretta” scene from an upcoming stage adaptation of the group’s religious satire film, Life of Brian. The scene features a male character who wants to be a woman named “Loretta” and have a child. Cleese’s character protests the notion, while another character suggests advocating for the man’s right to childbearing. The scene has been deemed politically incorrect in light of the rise of trans issues awareness.

Cleese claims that the reports of his intention to remove the scene were “misreported.” He has “no intention” of cutting it from the adaptation. Cleese was allegedly advised by American actors at a read-through that the joke was no longer appropriate for these times.

However, Cleese argues that there have been no complaints about the scene in 40 years, and he questions why it has suddenly become offensive. He believes that times have changed and impacted the humor’s impact. Cleese tweeted that his comments were meant to relate what he was advised, not that he would actually cut the scene.

Cleese’s denial of the reports comes after the Monty Python crew reportedly reconsidered some of the content in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. This included removing a “N-word” from the song “Sit on My Face” in a reissue of Monty Python’s Contractual Obligation Album.

The controversy surrounding the “Loretta” scene raises questions about humor’s evolution over time and its impact on different audiences. While some may argue that comedy should not be subject to censorship, others believe that it should adapt to contemporary values. The line between politically correct and offensive humor is constantly shifting, and it is up to both creators and audiences to navigate it.


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