Jim Irsay Warns Teams Against Tampering with Andrew Luck

Jim Irsay Warns Teams Against Tampering with Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has issued a warning to any NFL team intending to contact former Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck. Irsay took to social media to state that if any NFL team attempted to contact Luck or anyone associated with him to play for their franchise, it would be a clear violation of the league’s tampering policy.

This comes after it was reported that the Washington Commanders inquired about Luck’s availability last year. Luck, who retired in 2019 with three seasons remaining on his contract, technically remains the property of the Colts. The contract tolled after his departure, meaning that if he ever elects to return to the NFL, the Colts would own his rights.

ESPN reported on Saturday that Washington made attempts in 2022 to learn whether Luck had any interest in returning to the NFL. However, it is unclear who Washington had contact with about Luck. The Colts are seeking to learn more about what transpired and whether any tampering occurred.

The NFL’s anti-tampering policy states that any public or private statement of interest, qualified or unqualified, in another club’s player to that player’s agent or representative, or to a member of the news media, is a violation. Direct contact with a player is not required for a violation to occur.

Luck, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, retired at the age of 29. He has adamantly stated in the past that he has no intention of returning to the NFL.

In conclusion, Jim Irsay has made it clear that Andrew Luck is off-limits to any NFL team. The Colts retain the rights to Luck, and any attempt by another team to contact him or anyone associated with him would be considered a violation of the league’s tampering policy. While it is uncertain what occurred during the Washington Commanders’ inquiry, the Colts are seeking more information. However, Luck has stated that he has no plans to return to the NFL.


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