Instagram Resolves Technical Issue Affecting Thousands of Users

Instagram Resolves Technical Issue Affecting Thousands of Users

Instagram, owned by Meta Platform, announced on Sunday that its services had been restored after a technical issue disrupted services for thousands of users. A spokesperson for Meta confirmed that the issue had been resolved, and services were back to normal. The company did not disclose how many users were affected by the disruption.

Outage Tracking

According to outage tracking website, the disruption affected over 100,000 users in the United States, 24,000 in Canada, and over 56,000 in Britain. At its peak, more than 180,000 users reported issues with accessing Instagram. Downdetector tracks outages by collecting status reports from several sources, including users.

New App Competing with Twitter

Meta is reportedly planning to release a text-based app that will compete with Twitter, according to Bloomberg News. The app may debut as early as June and is currently being tested with influencers and creators. The company has not yet responded to a request for comment from Reuters.

According to Alex Heath in a newsletter, Meta has been reaching out to talent agencies and celebrities to gauge interest in trying an early version of the app, which will be integrated with Instagram. The report also suggests that Meta has secretly made the new app available to select creators for months. It is said to be separate from Instagram but will allow people to connect their accounts.

Perplexity and Burstiness

Instagram is a popular social media platform with billions of users worldwide. As a result, any technical issue can affect a large number of people and cause confusion and frustration. The outage tracking website shows how quickly and widely such issues can spread, with tens of thousands of users affected across multiple countries.

The launch of a new app by Meta that will compete with Twitter is also significant. Twitter is a leading social media platform, and competition from Meta could have a significant impact on Twitter’s user base. The app’s integration with Instagram and its reported availability to select creators for months suggest that Meta is taking a strategic approach to its development and launch.

While the technical issue affecting Instagram has been resolved, its impact on users highlights the importance of reliable and efficient services. Meta’s plans to launch a new app competing with Twitter suggest that the company is continuing to innovate and expand its offerings.


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