Google updates AI chatbot, Bard, to assist in software development

Google updates AI chatbot, Bard, to assist in software development

Alphabet’s Google has announced that it will be updating its generative artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, Bard, to assist people in writing code and developing software. This move is an attempt to compete with Microsoft in the race to advance AI technology.

Details of the update

Google introduced Bard last month to keep up with Microsoft’s ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by the Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI. Bard allows collaboration with generative AI, a technology that creates content based on past data. The chatbot is designed to code in 20 programming languages such as Java, Python and C++. Bard can also help users debug and explain their code.

The updated version of Bard will be capable of optimizing code, making it more efficient or faster. Users can use simple prompts like “Could you make that code faster?” to achieve this. This feature is expected to significantly enhance the chatbot’s capabilities, making it more user-friendly.

Currently, only a small group of users can chat with Bard and ask questions. The chatbot is accessible by users who would rather chat with the bot than use Google’s traditional search tool.

Google released Bard to the public in late March this year to gain ground on Microsoft in the fast-moving race on AI technology. Bard allows users to toggle between three different versions or “drafts” of any given answer, and the chatbot includes a button that states “Google it” in case a user wants to look up web results for a query.

The updated version of Bard by Google is a major leap forward in the development of AI technology. The chatbot’s enhanced features will help users write code in various programming languages and optimize their code for efficiency. The ability to toggle between different versions of an answer and the option to look up web results will make Bard more user-friendly. As the race to advance AI technology continues, updates such as this one will become increasingly important in keeping up with competitors.


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