Elon Musk Discusses Twitter Takeover, Work Habits, and Macroeconomic Challenges in Recent Interview

Elon Musk Discusses Twitter Takeover, Work Habits, and Macroeconomic Challenges in Recent Interview

Following Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting, Elon Musk gave a lengthy interview to CNBC anchor David Faber. During the conversation, Musk discussed his takeover of Twitter and the challenges he has faced. He shared that Twitter’s Community Notes feature has cost the company $40 million in business due to false advertising accusations made against two major clients. Additionally, Musk defended his own tweets, claiming that he will say what he wants and accept the consequences, even if it means losing money.

Musk Shares Work Habits and Beliefs on Working from Home

Musk also discussed his personal work habits and beliefs about productivity. He revealed that he takes only two or three days off per year, works seven days a week, and gets six hours of sleep per night. Musk also expressed his opposition to remote work for those in the “laptop class,” arguing that those working in factories and other service industries cannot work from home and therefore neither should those in higher-paying jobs.

Musk Discusses Tesla’s Ability to Navigate Economic Challenges

Musk also discussed Tesla’s ability to weather economic downturns. He acknowledged that the next 12 months will be difficult for Tesla due to macroeconomic factors, including rising interest rates that will put a pinch on consumer budgets. However, he believes that Tesla can take advantage of its real-time information on demand to adjust pricing effectively. Musk also expressed concern that the Fed will be too slow to lower interest rates when the economy slows, which will hurt consumer demand.

In addition to the above topics, Musk also discussed his involvement in OpenAI, his political views, and the potential impact on the global economy if China were to make a move to control Taiwan. Overall, the interview provided insight into Musk’s perspective on a range of topics, including his views on productivity, economics, and social issues.


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