Dominic Raab Resigns Amid Bullying Allegations

Dominic Raab Resigns Amid Bullying Allegations

Dominic Raab has resigned from his position as the UK’s Deputy Prime Minister after a report found that he had bullied staff members. The report, conducted by Adam Tolley KC, upheld two of the eight complaints made against Raab, stating that he had acted in an “intimidating” and “persistently aggressive” manner. Despite this, Raab maintains that he left his position with his “integrity intact”.

Raab Accuses Civil Servants of Opposing Brexit and Human Rights Reform

Raab believes that he was forced out by civil servants who were opposed to Brexit and his attempts to reform human rights legislation. He claims that his persistence and perseverance were ultimately what led to the complaints against him, rather than any abusive behavior.

Other Tories Come to Raab’s Defense

Following his resignation, other senior Tories have come to Raab’s defense. Jacob Rees-Mogg called Raab’s resignation “unnecessary” and branded the report a “blizzard of snowflakes”. Raab’s allegations also come amid rumors that the government is planning to make it easier for ministers to “politicize” the civil service by bringing in officials with “overt political affiliations”.

Former Civil Servant Disagrees with Raab’s Allegations

Despite Raab’s claims, a former senior civil servant who worked with him says he has seen no evidence to support the accusation that civil service “activists” were working against him. Lord Simon McDonald, who was permanent secretary of the Foreign Office for five years, said there was no civil service “agenda” and that the “minister’s behavior” was the issue. He stated that he disagreed strongly with Raab and that all the civil servants he saw working for him worked hard in the way they were required to do.


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