CNN CEO Acknowledges Room for Improvement in Trump Town Hall

CNN CEO Acknowledges Room for Improvement in Trump Town Hall

Following the May 10 town hall with former president Donald Trump, CNN CEO Chris Licht has privately admitted that there were production elements he would have done differently. However, while some CNN employees were reportedly embarrassed by the event, Licht continues to advocate for the town hall format as a way to provide insight into the minds of political leaders. He maintains that history will look kindly on CNN’s decision to interview Trump in front of a live, cheering audience of his supporters.

Possible Improvements in Production Elements

Licht has expressed regret over certain aspects of the town hall’s production, indicating that he wishes he had introduced the in-person audience to viewers at home to help them better understand who was supporting Trump. Additionally, he believes that CNN could have directed the camera to focus solely on host Kaitlan Collins during certain moments to draw attention to the substance of her questions, rather than the spectacle of Trump’s answers. Finally, Licht wishes that CNN anchors had focused more on the news that Trump made during the interview, such as his views on the Ukraine-Russia conflict and federal abortion bans.

Other Networks May Follow Suit

While some CNN employees were unhappy with the way the town hall was handled, it is likely that other networks will follow CNN’s lead and book interviews with Trump, particularly if he runs for president again in 2024. NBC and its news networks have already been in touch with Trump and other presidential candidates regarding scheduling appearances, though an NBC spokesperson declined to comment on whether they would hold a town hall with the former president.


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