A Twist in the Trump Business Fraud Trial: Appellate Court Refuses to Stay Proceedings

A Twist in the Trump Business Fraud Trial: Appellate Court Refuses to Stay Proceedings

In a surprising turn of events, a New York appeals court has refused to stay the ongoing civil business fraud trial of Donald Trump and his company. The decision, which came after the trial’s first week of proceedings in Manhattan Supreme Court, marks a setback for Trump as he seeks to delay the trial pending an appeal of a judge’s pretrial ruling.

While the court denied Trump’s request for a stay, it did halt a judge’s order to cancel the business certificates of Trump’s companies in the state. New York Attorney General Letitia James had opposed halting the trial but did not object to the stay on the cancellation of business certificates. James’ office has proposed appointing someone to oversee the process of potential certificate cancellation, with the names of possible overseers expected to be revealed later this month.

The ongoing trial focuses on James’ $250 million lawsuit against Trump, the Trump Organization, his two adult sons, and top company executives. The lawsuit alleges business fraud, and Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron issued a summary judgment last month in favor of James, finding that Trump and his colleagues had committed repeated and persistent fraud.

The latest ruling from the appellate division has put a twist in the tale, staying the cancellation of business certificates but allowing the trial to continue. Trump’s lawyer, Christopher Kise, expressed satisfaction with the ruling, stating, “We are very pleased the First Department upheld New York law and put a halt to any cancellation of business certificates, receivers, or dissolution. The trial court’s attempt to reach issues, entities, and assets beyond the scope of this case has been suspended.”

A Different Perspective

However, James sees things differently. In a statement, she said, “Unsurprisingly, he is twisting this ruling and falsely claiming victory for a resolution we proposed. The truth is simple: a judge ruled that he committed repeated and persistent fraud, and we will continue to demonstrate that in court.”

The trial will now proceed with the remaining six claims in the lawsuit. It remains to be seen how this recent development will impact the proceedings and the ultimate outcome of the case. The appellate court’s refusal to grant a stay indicates that they believe the trial should proceed unhindered, adding another layer of complexity to this high-stakes legal battle.

The twist in the Trump business fraud trial has left both sides with mixed feelings. The denial of a stay is a blow to Trump’s attempts to delay the trial, while the stay on the cancellation of business certificates provides temporary relief for his companies. As the trial resumes, all eyes will be on the courtroom as both sides continue their fight for justice and vindication.


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