A New Film “A Wonderful Way with Dragons” to Star Violet McGraw and an Ensemble Cast

A New Film “A Wonderful Way with Dragons” to Star Violet McGraw and an Ensemble Cast

Dancing sensation Violet McGraw, known for her viral performance in the horror film M3gan, is set to star in the upcoming film A Wonderful Way with Dragons, produced, written and directed by Delfine Paolini. The film will be shot in Upstate NY beginning this summer, and it marks Paolini’s debut as a feature film director.

The Plot

The film follows the story of six children and a possibly imaginary, sinister friend abandoned on an enigmatic island after a pandemic has swept the world. The children struggle to survive, but their individual desires for power and each other begin to overshadow their fight for survival.

The Cast

Joining Violet McGraw in the cast are Ben Ahlers from TV series The Gilded Age, Miguel Angel Garcia from The Long Game, Taylor Geare from Inception, Donnie Masihi from This Is Us, Ian Foreman from Let the Right One In, and Theodore Dalton, a fashion model turned actor most recently seen in a nationwide Ralph Lauren ad campaign.

The Director’s Inspiration

Paolini wrote the script for A Wonderful Way with Dragons at the beginning of the pandemic, when society’s fragility became evident. The director wanted to explore what holds a society together, stating that civilization begins when individuals within a community support each other. However, once the desire to help one another is lost, society can devolve.

Paolini hopes that the film will convey the effect of isolation and how easily it can dismantle a society of children. Civilization, with its morals and conventions, can disappear, leaving only “a heap of broken images.”

The Production Team

The film will be produced by Urs Hirschbiegel, Delfine Paolini, Adam Lukens, Russel Cramer, Gautam Kadian, and Sarah Rosen, with Rene Bastian as executive producer.

In conclusion, A Wonderful Way with Dragons is an upcoming film that explores the fragility of society and the effect of isolation. Starring Violet McGraw and an ensemble cast, the film is set to be shot in Upstate NY this summer.


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