Tesla is facing mounting lawsuits for ‘fostering a culture of sexual harassment’


Six current and former Tesla female employees have filed lawsuits against the company at the same time alleging that the automaker is “fostering a culture of sexual harassment.”

The firm Rudy, Exelrod, Zieff & Lowe LLP is representing the six women who filed the lawsuits following another similar lawsuit filed by Jessica Barraza, an employee at Fremont factory, last month.

The Washington Post summarized the claims made in the new lawsuits:

The six women bringing lawsuits described a number of common experiences in both interviews with The Washington Post and in legal filings. Several women alleged they complained about the behavior, but that it didn’t change; other women said because their superiors participated in the harassment they feared talking to HR. Multiple women alleged they attempted to protect themselves from harassment by procuring baggy clothes in an effort to fend off their co-workers. A number of women alleged their workplace experience led to depression and anxiety, ultimately preventing them from advancing in their careers.

Several of the women said that they were subject to constant inappropriate comments and even touching by colleagues and supervisors.

The current and former employees describe difficulties being taken seriously by their supervisors and Tesla’s HR when reporting the behaviors.

The new lawsuits come after an employee made a similar complaint regarding racism at Tesla Fremon factory and was awarded a $137 million judgment by the court in October.

Electrek learned that Tesla launched a company-wide program called “Respectful Recharge” earlier this month to provide a new mandatory training on Tesla’s anti-harassment policy to all employees.

The program encouraged employees to report any inappropriate behavior to supervisors, HR, or through an anonymous tip line.

Tesla hasn’t commented on the new lawsuits filed this week.

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